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Visit any betting sites online and take a look through their football markets and you will often see hundreds of additional betting opportunities on each match, in addition to the outright winner type of betting opportunities which offer you odds on a home win, draw or away team win.

One of the additional bets that most if not all football betting sites are going to be offering you is a Scorecast bet, and that is a bet on which you are going to be offered a different set of odds dependant on which of the two different things you predict to happen in that match.

The two things that you are faced with having to correctly predict is the first player to score a goal, and then you also are faced with having to name the final score of that match too, both of which must happen as you predicted for that bet to be deemed to be a winner.

The most obvious reason as to why you will enjoy placing such a bet is that the odds you will be offered on such a bet can be enormous, but it is all down to the likelihood of the player you have chosen to score the first goal and the possibility of the score you predict being the most likely one as to just how high the odds you are going to be offered on such a bet.

Best Betting Site for Scorecast Bets

Some betting sites are best known for offering more betting markets and much better odds on those betting markets than other betting sites, and one site that you should be betting at is Paddy Power, for you will never go short of Scorecast betting opportunities when you bet with them.

In fact, if you fancy increasing your winning chances then make sure you click through to their website using our links, as that way when you do sign up you can, if you fancy doing so, take advantage of a high valued welcome offer the t’s and c’s of which can be found on their website.

Alternatives to Scorecast Bets

It is all dependent on the level of risk you want to have in place when you set about placing any type of football bet as to just which one will suit you the best.

If you do like the sound of a Scorecast bet then be aware there is a quite similar one but one that offers lower odds but the risks attached to placing them are certainly lower than a Scorecast bet and that alternative bet is an Anytime Wincast bet.

There are two things however that you are faced with having to correctly predict when you place such a bet and the first thing is to name a player in the hope that at some point in the match he is going to score a goal, and the other thing that you will have to correctly predict is which of the two teams will be the winning one too.

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