Ligue 1 Betting Tips for Saturday the 12th of January

Placing a good mix of different football bets is something that I do know many of you out there will always be eager to do, especially on Saturdays when the highest numbers of matches are going to be in play in different parts of the world.

As such, if you fancy placing a few bets here and there on matches that are part of the French Ligue 1, then keep on reading for below you will find each of those matches in play on the 12th and my predictions as to the way that each of them should end. As for where you will get the odds listed below, well head on over to BetHard as that betting site is where I did find those odds available.

Backing matches such as Nice vs. Bordeaux is not going to pose any problems as all betting site are going to be offering their own set of odds on that match, but BetHard has as they can always be relied to do, put up the best set of odds.

As for just how high those odds are, well if you do not fancy the favourite to win and fancy backing Nice to win instead their odds are 5/4, the match could end in a draw do course and the draw odds are 11/5 and you can also back Bordeaux at odds of 27/10 which is a much better option by the way!

Guingamp Cannot Possibly Win

It will be very easy to dismiss teams such as Guingamp winning this Saturday, and when you realise that they are going to be playing against St. Etienne then you will probably agree with the fact they have no chance of winning.

The odds on all three possible outcomes of that match do give you an insight into that fact and as such if for whatever reason you are convinced that it will be Guingamp that will win that match BetHard have them available at odds of 2/1, the draw odds are 9/4 and the odds on the most likely winners that being St. Etienne reflect their chances and those odds are 31/20.

A Couple of Other Teams worth a Punt

There are not going to be many punters celebrating a huge winning payout this weekend that bet on the favourite to win the Amiens vs. Paris St-Germain match, for even if the favourite does go on to win that match the odds on offer will not reward those punters with a decent sized winning payout for sure!

The team that is expected to win that match is Paris St-Germain, and as far as just what odds you can back them at those odds are tiny at just 4/23!

A much better match to have your money on is the Nimes vs. Angers match for when it comes to the home team’s chances they are high of winning that match and with BetHard offering Nimes at win odds of 11/10 that has to be the best bet of the day in my opinion.

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