Live Belgian Grand Prix Odds

There have been plenty of bets placed on this year’s Belgian Grand Prix, so much so there have been several drivers whose odds have shortened over the last couple of days, whilst there are of course plenty of drivers whose odds of winning this major race have increased too.

As such, if you have been planning on having a bet on that race, then allow me to bring you up to date with were the betting markets currently stand, and one betting site that does come very highly recommended for all such bets is Bruce Betting.

It will probably not surprise you to read that the two drivers that are currently attracing the most money on the early Belgian Grand Prix betting markets at Bruce Betting are Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel, and it does look like a tossup as to just which of those drivers will win.

If you are tempted to place a bet on either of them, then their current odds are 13/10, but the way punters are latching onto both of them, those odds may not stay that high for very much longer so you do need to get your bets on quickly if you are to secure them!

Best Belgian Grand Prix Betting Value

You will probably all know the score only too well when betting on any Grand Prix, that being that is doesn’t take much for the red hot favourite or favourites of any such race to make a bad move, which could knock them out of the race completely.

Therefore, if you are looking for some betting value, much more so as the odds on the two joint favourites to win this race, there is certainly plenty of value to be had by backing Kimi Raikkonen at 6/1 and Valtteri Bottas at 8/1!

Outsiders and No Hopers

It is of course going to be up to you and you alone as to where your loyalties lay when it comes to backing drivers to win races such as the Belgian Gran Prix and if you are interested you can currently back Max Verstappen at 14/1, Daniel Ricciardo at 16/1.

I do however seriously doubt that any of the four other drivers are going to win this race and those drivers and their respective win odds are Kevin Magnussen and Romain Grosjean at 750/1 and also Carlos Sainz Junior and Nico Hulkenberg at 1000/1.

There could be a tad of value if you do fancy backing any of the outsiders and no hopers to win this race by backing them each-way, as for the odds that you are going to be able to achieve on an each-way type of bet at Bruce Betting, well they are going one third of the win odds on the first two placed finishers.

But I would also urge you to spend some time perusing through the betting markets at any of our other featured and fully approved betting sites, for by doing so you may just spot some slightly higher odds on any drivers that you do fancy backing, with the betting markets on this race being quite fluid at the moment!

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