Live Cricket World Cup 2019 Odds

It won’t be too long now until we know just which nation has won the Cricket World Cup 2019, and what a competition that has been so far, however with just four teams left to battle it out to win and secure their place in history, I will now take a look at the odds attached and on offer on each of those four teams.

As far as the main outright winner betting market, there are two team that most if not all bookies have chalked up as the joint favourites to win, and they are India and England, and as such you will notice several bookies offering the exact same odds on both teams.

Those odds are not what you would ever call overly generous, but everything taken into account and considered you will have a fair chance of winning if you do decide to back either India or England to win, and the odds I have seen generally being offered on them both are 7/4.

There may be the very real chance that if you take a quick look over the Betfair betting exchange you may just find one or two users of that betting platform offering bigger odds than those on those two teams, so be prepared to act quickly to secure those odds if you do so.

Individual Match Bets Still Available

Keep in mind that you can of course bet on the last few matches that are yet to be played off as part of the 2019 Cricket World Cup, and as such you will have more than enough individual match bets on offer to you.

But it is important that to ensure that you do get some sort of value when placing such bets that you ensure you get the best possible odds that are being offered, and that will require you to compare the odds on offer at serval different betting sites.

The Other Two Teams Chances of Success

It would be foolish to underestimate the chances of the Australia team winning the Cricket World Cup this year for they do have a chance of doing so and many punters do think they will go on to do so.

In fact, as their win odds are 5/2 then you will have plenty of value if you do decide to place  a bet on them and they do only have to win their next match to get through to the finals of course, which they may just do.

It is New Zealand that are, if their odds are to be taken at face value, facing an uphill task to get through to the final game never mind going on to win the Cricket World Cup, however I do know plenty of you out there are going to be tempted to place an albeit risky punt on them to win, but by doing so before they play off their very next match you should be rewarded with odds of around the 9/1 mark.


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