Liverpool Now 2/7 to Win the Premier League Title

Liverpool have of course had an excellent season so far this year, and that is being reflected in the current odds that you are going to be offered by all bookies if you wish to place a bet on them winning the Premier League title this season.

Hunt around and the best odds you are likely to see being offered are a paltry 2/7, however that isn’t putting off punters from backing them to win the title race this year, as they look a rock-solid bet to do so.

The only other team that some punters are backing are Man City, now before the season got underway there were the favourite to take the title, but they are now the second favourite to do so with most bookies offering odds on them doing so of around the 10/3 mark.

It is easy to dismiss all other teams to win the title race this season, for whilst it is mathematically possible for one of them to do so, the realistic chances of any other team suddenly finding amazing form and shooting up the league and then taking the title are tiny.

Leicester and Chelsea Next in the Betting

As for the next two teams in the betting to win the Premier League title at the end of the season, well you will find some huge odds on both of those two teams, the first of which is Leicester and their odds of success are 16/1.

You will then find the next team in the betting available at triple digit odds, which does give you some idea of just how likely they are to win the title, that team is Chelsea and those odds are 100/1.

Rank Outsiders to Win the Title Race

If you had placed a bet on any of the other teams involved in the Premier League before the season got underway, then I doubt you are going to be collecting any winnings at the end of the season, for unless a complete miracle happens it will be either Liverpool or Man City that do take the title this season.

The only other teams that could win the title, but boy are they going to have to have an amazing run of luck in the next matches they play off, include the likes of Tottenham and as for just how huge their odds of doing so are, well odds of around 500/1 are being offered to punters by most bookies sites.

Three other teams that have very little chance of winning the Premier League this year but you can still bet on them doing so if you are tempted by their massive odds are Arsenal, Man Utd and Wolves and you will not find it too difficult to pick up odds of at least 1000/1 on any of those three teams.

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