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You have probably played the UK National Lottery at one time or another, and unless you are extremely lucky you have probably not won anything of significance when doing so! That is of course the risks you take when doing so, for the odds are always stacked against you.

However, what the savviest punters have realised is that by using a betting site as the way in which you place lottery related bets and wagers you have a much greater chance of winning, as you are offered a range of different betting opportunities.

When you take part in for example the National Lottery or Lotto as it is now known, you are required to pick out six numbers and wager a set amount, and the stakes of all players, less all of the usual fees, charges and charitable donations are removed from that pool of cash and then split up and awarded as prizes dependent on how many winners there are.

But by placing a lottery related bet at an online betting site you are free to pick out as many or as few numbers as you like, and you can also choose just how much to wager on those bets too.

This guide will give you an insight into just some of the many different worldwide lotteries you can bet on and will also give you an overview of the pay-out odds awarded to you, dependent on how many numbers you select and how many of them you match with those drawn out of the lottery machine.

Irish Lottery Betting

If you fancy chancing your arm by betting on the Irish Lottery then please be aware that each week they hold main two draws, the first is on Wednesday at 8:00pm and the other one is held every Saturday at 8:00pm.

In addition to the main draws they also have something known as a Lotto + and a Lotto +2, however below are the odds and betting opportunities on the main draw.

You are going to find the pay-out odds available to you however can vary dependent on just which betting site you choose to place your lottery related bets at, however as it is the Betfred betting site that does offer the highest odds, throughout this guide I will be quoting their odds, as it does make sense for you to bet with them!

You can bet with or without the bonus ball by the way, and you can select one to five numbers per single bet you place. The pay-out odds for correctly predicting one, two, three, four and five numbers without the bonus ball included are 6/1, 60/1, 700/1, 8500/1 and 150000/1.

However, if you fancy including eh bonus ball in your bets, then the odds do decrease obviously, and those odds are for one to five numbers respectively, 5/1, 45/1, 375/1, 4500/1 and 45000/1. So do carefully consider whether to include the bonus ball or not as the pay-outs awarded will be different if you do or do not include that number!

Spanish Lottery Betting

The Spanish Lottery may also be of interest to you, especially if you are planning to visit Spain in the very near future, and much like the Irish Lottery above, you are faced with picking out plenty of different betting opportunities.

One again you can choose to pick out as many or as few numbers as you wish to bet on, and you can also include the bonus ball or not, that decision is up to you.

Be aware though that the time the draws of which there are two each week on Thursday and Saturday are held at 20:45, but you are required to place your bets at the very latest 45 minutes before the draw begins when you choose to bet a Betfred, so make sure that you do get those bets placed nice and early so as not to miss out on your chance of winning big!

If you would prefer to increase your chances of winning then opt to include the bonus ball, and by doing so when you pick out one to five numbers the pay-out odds are 5/1, 44/1, 440/1, 5000/1 and 50000/1 respectively.

You can of course choose not to include the bonus ball, and if you do so the pay-out odds do increase massively, and those pay-out odds are 6/1, 66/1, 700/1, 10000/1 and 150000/1 respectively when selecting one, two, three, four or five numbers on your betting slip, and you can choose to bet small or large amounts too, so the potential is there to win big even when betting tiny amounts of cash!

New York Lottery

One thing worth keeping in mind is that as all overseas lottery draws are going to be held at different times and there is often a time zone difference between the UK and the country in which those lotteries are held, you often need to get your bets placed well in advance of them starting.

The New York Lottery Is draw at 05:21 UK time, and as such you are obliged to have placed your bets before 01:00 UK time when betting at betting sites such as Betfred.

You can once again, much like each of the other lottery draws mentioned above decide to include or not include the bonus ball in any bets you place, and the odds associated with you doing so or not will be different.

The biggest pay-outs are however on offer when you choose bet without the bonus ball and when picking out one, two, three, four or five numbers the respective pay-outs if you match all of your numbers with those drawn out of the lottery matching not including the bonus ball are 8/1, 100/1, 1300/1, 25000/1 and 150000/1 respectively.

The pay-out odds are lower when you do include the bonus ball and those pay-outs for reference are 7/1, 70/1, 700/1, 10000/1 and 100000/1 respectively.

Other Worldwide Lotteries

As well as you being able to bet on the Irish, Spanish and New York lotteries when a customer of the Betfred betting site, you are also going to be able to place bets on many others too including the 49s draw, the Daily Million, Polish Lottery, the Hong Kong and Canadian Lotteries along with the Australian, Greek and German Lotteries too!

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