Manchester City Look a Fair Bet at 4/6 to Win the Premier League

Unless one of the other teams in the Premier League pull of something of a miracle it does look like there are only two teams that have any chance of winning that league this season, and that is something that will become very apparent when you take a look at the Premier League outright betting markets at any betting site.

I think its fair to say that most savvy punters will already have backed Manchester City to win that league this season, however the is of course still plenty of time for you to do so too, and as for what odds you will be able to secure right now, well the most readily available odds on Man City are 4/6.

The other team that may be much more appealing to you from a betting odds point of view however are Liverpool, for they are the only other team that have any realistic chance of possibly beating Manchester City and taking the title this season.

If you are of the mind that is something that Liverpool are likely to do, then now is the time to strike as you are going to find more than enough bookies that are prepared to give you odds of around the  6/4 mark, but those odds are subject to change at any time though.

Double Digit Odds

You will probably be not too surprised, now you know just how short the odds are on the two fancied teams, to learn that the odds on the rest of the teams involved in the Premier League to take the title this season are much higher.

Four teams are currently being offered at some huge double digit odds, as those teams are Tottenham who are currently being touted by most bookies sites at odds of 33/1 and then you have the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd all trading at much bigger odds in fact double those odds, those being odds of 66/1.

Teams That You Can Write-Off

I think it will be easy for you to knock off your list of possible winners of the Premier League this season each of the following teams for their odds are going to give you a very good insight into what their winning chances will be.

However, some of you out there may be interested in learning just what odds are attached to each of the other teams and is so them Leicester ate a 250/1 shot and then you have both Everton and West Ham who are very easy to back right now at odds of 500/1.

Teams such as Crystal Palace and Wolves are friendless int the betting as indicated by their 750/1 odds and as for Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Brighton, Burnley, Southampton and Watford they too are friendless with odds of 1000/1 being offered by most bookie son each of those teams.

It would be a mug bet you will be placing if you were to back teams such as Newcastle and Norwich at 1500/1 and the same can also be said for Sheffield Utd who are the rank outsider at odds of 2000/1.

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