Manchester City Now 5/6 to Win the FA Cup

The FA Cup is now at Quarter Finals stages whereby there are just eight teams left in that competition, and as such all bookies do now have their own ideas as to just which teams they think are going to make it through to the final, and of course will have a firm favourite to win that competition too.

Currently it is Manchester City who have been attracting the most support from punters, who are convinced that team are going to win, and the best odds you are going to be able to secure on them winning the FA Cup this year are 5/6, and those odds are available over at the Coral sports betting site.

Just keep in mind that moving forward and as more teams get knocked out of the competition and as the number of teams left in that competition will reduce, the odds will also reduce too and as such if you do fancy the chance of Manchester City winning the FA Cup this year then you should be backing them to do so right now.

It is the other Manchester based team that is the current second favourite to win the FA Cup this year, and if you do fancy the chances of Manchester United then Coral are going to be offering you some decent odds on them doing so of 7/2, but as mentioned above those odds are likely to drop if they do progress through to the next round!

Wolves and Watford Next in the Betting

There is always a chance, albeit a rather low one that any of the other teams that are still in the FA Cup could come out on top and win and a couple of other teams that are attracting little bits of support here and there include Wolves at 9/1.

Another team that could make it right through to the final game, but whether they will win the FA Cup does remain to be seen are Watford, and there are plenty of fans taking the 11/1 odds on offer on Watford.

Other Teams Still in the FA Cup in 2019

You may be of the mind that each of the following teams that are still in the FA Cup competition have got there by fluke and stand no realistic chance of winning it, however the odds are there for the taking if you do fancy betting on any of them.

Take for example Crystal Palace, who would have thought at the start of the competition they would make is through to the Quarter Finals, well they are and their win odds are 12/1, and the same could certainly be said of Brighton who still look a very fair and reasonable bet at the 14/1 odds that are generally available.

Millwall however do look like they face an uphill stake to progress though to the next stage of the FA Cup which is reflected in their current win odds of 40/1 and there does have to be a rank outsider at every stage of the competition and currently that honour falls to Swansea who are 80/1 to win right now.

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