Manchester City Still Favourites to Win the Champions League

No matter how you look at it, from a betting point of view it is still Manchester City that are attracting the most money from punters to win the Champions League this season, and as such if you haven’t yet backed them but want to, you need to know which betting site are offering the very best odds.

It is Betfred that can always be relied on to give football punters the very best odds on all major matches and leagues, and as such they are a site that I would recommend you do place your bet on City to win the Champions league, for they are currently going 5/1 on them doing so!

You can bet any amount of any tea playing in the Champions League, for Betfred are not afraid of taking some very large bets, and as such if you think that Barcelona are going to win the title, and there will be more than enough of you out there who will think just that they have some extremely tempting odds on them doing so.

If you are quickly, and keep in mind the odds can change at any time, such more so as more matches are played off, you can back Barcelona at Betfred at odds of 11/2.

Other Fancied Teams

As for just which other teams are in with a slightly higher chance of winning the league title this season, well there are four teams that do look interesting best for sure, two of them are Bayern Munich and Juventus and you can back them at odds of 13/2.

However, two teams that are no strangers to top flight football and ending up at the top of several leagues are of course both Real Madrid and Liverpool and Betfred are unable to separate them right now as they have them both chalked up at odds of 15/2!

Outsiders to Win

You can of course back any team you fancy to win the Champions League this season or if you prefer back them each-way at Betfred and by doing so they are offering one half the win odds for teams that finish in the top two positions as part of their each-way terms.

That does of course mean that teams worth backing each-way could include PSG at 9/1 that surely if they continue to play as they are and possibly up their game somewhat are in with a real chance of topping the league this season.

Other teams in with a chance of winning or at the very least getting placed second include the likes of Atletico Madrid at 12/1 and possibly Man Utd at 25/1 but you will be taking chances if you choose to back any other teams for their chances of getting high up the league are small.

But there will, I’m sure, be several punters who cannot resist backing teams such as Tottenham at 33/1 or may just be willing to take their chances of teams who are chalked up at 66/1 which includes Lyon, Inter Milan and Dortmund too, all other teams however are 80/1 bar.

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