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MansionBet are one of our featured and showcased betting sites, and as such I have compiled the following guide that is going to give you an insight into what they have to offer. The first thing I want you to be fully aware of is that they are licensed by the UK gambling Commission so safe and fair and also regulated betting opportunities is of course what they offer.

In fact, the parent company of MansionBet do also operate a range of other gambling related websites and apps, all under the Mansion brand, and as such if there ever does come a time for example that you fancy playing casino games online, then when you have opened a betting account with them you can access their casino site and all of their other sites from your one single log in.

I like the fact that MansionBet cater for all levels of punters, often you will find that if you only have the occasional sports related bet you are forced to have to place some fairly high valued bets at some online sportsbooks, however that is not going to be the case as their betting site.

You can of course choose to bet big if you so desire, however their betting limits do offer some very low staking and betting limits, so even if you only bet for a few pence or a few pounds, then they will accept your bets and allow you to place small bets on every single one of their betting markets too.

Huge Welcome Bonus

To prove they mean business, what you are going to find on offer to you as a first time sports bettor at MansionBet is not the standard low valued free matched bet offer, but something much more valuable.

They currently have on offer a deposit match type of bonus, and as such if you have never come across that type of betting bonus before and not many betting sites offer such a bonus, allow me to quickly run through how that bonus has been designed.

A deposit match bonus is going to see your initial deposit being matched by bonus betting credits, the value of which you will find on their website align with all of the terms and conditions associated with claiming and then using that bonus and the bonus credits awarded to you.

To qualify for that offer you do need to ensure that you click onto our links, as by doing so their system will detect you have come from our website and that match deposit bonus will then be attached to your account as soon as you register as a new player.

Be aware that to be able to legally places any type of sports bets and wagers at MansionBet you do need to be over the age of 18, and being a fully licensed and regulated betting site your age, address and identity will need to be verified, but that is not going to take very long for them to do.

Web Browser Based Online Betting Platform

There are two quite different ways that you are going to be able to access each of the thousands of different betting markets on offer to you are a client of MansionBet, and the first one is of course via their online betting platform.

Unlike some of the older betting sites there is never the need for you to have to download software onto your PC or laptop when you want to place a bet online at this betting site, for their betting platform is completely web browser based.

As such it is fully compatible with every single web browser, and as soon as you have registered as a new client of theirs you are faced with nothing more difficult that logging into the betting platform via their website, and then you are good to go!

By doing so you can top up your account balance at any time, which is of course something you will need to do if you want to place a bet, and once you have funds in your account align with any bonus betting credits you have claimed, you are then free to start picking out the bets that you do wish to place.

To look up any individual betting opportunities that interest you the most simply click on the sports category from the side menu that you want to bet on, and then by doing so you can peruse each of the sub category of bets listed on that sports category.

Mobile Betting App

Even though the online betting platform from MansionBet is one of the most advanced one you are likely to come cross anywhere online, most customers of theirs tend to much prefer using their betting app, for by doing so punters can place a bet from anywhere and never need to be sat in front of a computer when they do fancy placing a bet!

The app is free to download and has of course been designed to allow first time customers to sign up directly from the app when they first launch the app, so if you are not yet a customer much like when using their online betting platform you can sign up in a matter of minutes at most.

Every single thing that is on offer via the MansionBet online betting platform is now available via their betting app, so never thing you are going to be missing out on their new customer sign up offer on any of the huge number of ongoing promotional offers and betting deals when using their app as that will never be the case!

In fact, having given the MansionBet betting app a try several times recently I am happy to report it has definitely been designed with the end user in mind, for you can simply tap the sports category that interests you the most then swipe the screen of your mobile device to look through each individual sports betting opportunity and then place a bet instantly for any value!

Account Verification and Option Settings

Being licensed by the UK Gambling Commission, MansionBet are required by law to adhere to all of the rules and regulations imposed on them by that gambling commission, but they are in place to protect you the player.

As such when you first register as one of their new customers your identity will be required to be checked, along with your age and your address, that is often done electronically and without you having to do anything, but you may be asked to send in a copy of a utility bill your driving license or your passport if they have been unable to verify your identity, age or address electronically.

When you log into either the online betting platform or the mobile betting app at MansionBet you are also given access to a range of different option settings and also your complete betting history too.

One set of accounts settings that I always urge punters to make use of them are in regards to your deposit amounts and also loss limits too, for you can set in advance and over any given time period just how much you are prepared to deposit and also have in place a robust loss limit too, which means that you are always going to be able to control your own destiny and gamble responsibly too.

Low to High Deposit, Pay-Out and Cash-Out Limits

MansionBet sportsbook does cater for all level of sports bettor, and when you make use of their banking interface on either their online or mobile betting platform or app you are always going to have a plethora of different payment option available to you.

Those payment options will of course allow you to make any value of deposit you desire, and being a UK based punter you can of course set your account o operate fully in GBO, so you can deposit, bet and then cash out any and all winnings in GBP without having to worry about currency exchange rates.

That is something that you will of course be forced to worry about when betting at a betting site that forces you to have to deposit, bet and withdraw your winnings in any other currency!

Not only that but you can bet small and large amounts of any sporting event that have taken your eye, and as MansionBet does have some very high pay-out limits, if the day does come when you in big betting on sport they are always going to be able to pay you out in full and quickly too.

All deposit and withdrawal option are available including but not limits two prepaid cards and vouchers, all web and e-wallets and you can of course deposit quickly and easily sign any type of credit or debit card too, check out their website for a comprehensive listing of their available banking options as you will be impressed by just how many there are!

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