NBA Match Predictions and Game Line Odds

Plenty of punters are going to be trying to work out just where to place their hard earned cash on the NBA matches that are going to be in play tonight and in the early hours, and with that in mind below you will find my predictions as to the way I think each of those matches will end.

BetFred are the betting site whose odds I will be showcasing to you below, so if you do fancy placing a bet on one or more of the tipped NBA teams then make sure that you visit that betting site, using our website links if you want to claim a huge valued sign up bonus too when doing so.

At odds of 3/8 I think it is fair to say the odds compilers at BetFred are of the mind that Utah Jazz are going to win their match tonight against the San Antonio Spurs who are not without a chance by the way as their game line win odds of 21/10 do somewhat suggest.

One match that is hardly worth betting on due to the home team being available at huge odds-on is the Indiana Pacers v Cleveland Cavaliers match, and you are going to have to bet very big indeed to get any decent winning payouts at the odds being offered on the Pacers which for reference are 1/20!

Doubles and Trebles

There is always going to be the ability for you to place doubles and trebles on any two or three NBA teams you think will win their respective matches and in the Atlanta Hawks v Charlotte Hornets match the odds on both teams winning are decent being as they are 5/4 and 4/6 respectively.

As for just what odds you can currently bag and secure on the New York Knicks v Toronto Raptors match well the Kicks are available at 4/1 bit the most likely winner is of course the Raptors who are  1/6 on to win.

Place an NBA Acca Bet

The more teams you include on a single bet such as an Acca bet the bigger your potential payout will be however at win odds of 1/10 not many punters will fancy adding the Boston Celtics on their Acca bet to beat the Los Angeles Clippers!

You can get even money and 5/6 on either the Chicago Bulls or the Washington Wizards respectively in their match tonight and 5/6 and even money is also being offered on either Memphis Grizzlies or the New Orleans Pelicans to win their match respectively too.

As for whether it is going to be worth including the Houston Rockets v Oklahoma City Thunder match on any Acca bets you are thinking of placing on NBA matches, well the Rockets are 4/5 to win that match and the away team are 21/20.

The Milwaukee Bucks at 1/9 on should have no real difficulties beating Orlando Magic tonight but once again those odds are not very appealing.

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