New Football SnapBet from NetBet

If you are a football fan then I have a brand new type of bet to introduce to you that you can place on your mobile phone or tablet device over at NetBet, and that is their fun to place SnapBet.

How that bet works is that you can pick out any of their featured live football matches and place a bet that a goal is going to be score in the next 30 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes, however the odds you are paid out at will differ as the bet is a time critical one!

Each SnapBet is divided into three time sections, and if a goal is scored in any of them then you are awarded a different cash pay-out, based on the amount you have wagered, so ideally if you opted for the 30 second bet you could achieve a huge pay-out if a goal is score in the first 10 seconds, but will also receive a pay-out if the goal is scored in the second 10 seconds or the third 10 seconds too!

I gave that bet a try recently, and would urge you to do the same for there are some mega amount of cash to be won if the match you have chosen to bet on does see a goal being scored within the time period you have selected on your SnapBet!

Wolves vs Man City Best Odds

One thing you are always going to be guaranteed of getting offered to you at NetBet are some to the very highest odds on any upcoming Premier League match, and as such there are a set of odds on this Saturdays match between Wolves and Man City at NetBet  that are way too generous to miss out on!

They are currently offering odds of 21/2 on a Wolves win, they also have the Draw chalked up at odds of 21/4, but if you think, like most football punters do, that Man City are going to win that match you can get odds of 20/87 on them doing so!

This Weekends Premier League Matches

There are also plenty of additional betting markets on the other Premier League matches scheduled to take place this Saturday the 25th of August 2018, and as such let me run though the odds available over at the NetBet betting site on some of those matches.

The Arsenal vs West Ham match is a match you may be prepared to have a financial interest in, and if so you will find NetBet are going 20/59 on an Arsenal win, the draw odds on that match are 17/4, and West Ham fans can secure odds of 29/4 on their team winning that match too.

The Bournemouth vs Everton match is a fairly well balanced one regarding the form and odds on offer on all possible outcomes, and therefore if you are of the mind that Bournemouth will win that match their odds of doing so at NetBet are 8/5, you can secure odds on the draw of 12/5 and the odds on an Everton win are 33/20!

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