Next UK Prime Minister Betting

Theresa May has finally thrown in the towel, and will be leaving office very shortly, and that does of course mean that within a few weeks the UK will have a brand-new Prime Minister, but who will replace her is the question most people are trying to work out.

Many bookies are of course ever eager to offer their customers a range of novelty type bets, and that does of course mean that plenty of punters will be having the odd bet here and there on just whom they think will step into her shoes, and you can of course choose to place such a bet too.

Just keep in mind though, that whilst there are plenty of people who may eventually throw their hats into the ring and try and get enough votes from Conservative Party MP’s and Party Members to become the next PM some of them are much more likely to be nominated.

One person that plenty of people do seem to think will be the next Prime Minister is Boris Johnson, and the odds generally on offer on him doing so are 13/8, but even though he is currently the favourite, that doesn’t necessarily mean he will become the next PM of the UK!

Dominic Raab Second Favourite

I think its very fair and true to say that most Conservatives would be very happy with Boris becoming the next PM, but a lot of them are also totally aghast at the thought, and one person that is also being touted as the next possible PM is Dominic Raab.

In fact, plenty of punters have been latching onto his chances of success and his current set of odds do reflect his chances, being as those odds are 4/1, making him the current second favourite.

Who Else is in the Running?

If there is one person that has been positioning himself to be a contender as the next PM it is Michael Gove, however many people cannot stand the sight of him and as such his current odds of 5/1 do look a tad short!

A few other well-known Conservatives that may just become the next Prime Minister, but are probably going to need a lock of luck before they do so include the likes of Jeremy Hunt who is a 12/1 shot, Rory Stewart is no fan of Boris and has already implied Boris has lied to him about a no deal Brexit, and he is also a contender at odds of 16/1, and then there is Andrea Leadsom who recently resigned from her Ministerial role and her odds are 18/1.

Whilst the chances of there being a General Election in the UK before the Conservatives vote in a new Prime Minister are low, it could happen and as such if you think the Labour Leader, that being Jeremy Corbyn will be the next PM then the odds on that being the case are 20/1!

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