NFL Week 4 Money Lines

It is now week four of the current NFL season, and you have probably been pencilling in your upcoming NFL betting action, and if so then you need to get yourself over to BetFred, as they have now made live this coming weekends betting markets on each match that is being played.

As for where the value lays in each team in those matches, well I will leave the decision on who to bet on up to you, however what I will be doing today is taking a look at the teams and their odds that have caught my eye on that betting site.

The Minnesota Vikings vs. Los Angeles Rams match is one that should go the way of the Vikings, if the odds are anything to go by, for they are on offer at 1/3 whilst the odds available on their opponents do give you a very clear indication of their win odds and those odds are 12/5

One match of many that is being played on Saturday is the Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts match, to be fair there isn’t much separating both of those teams in regards to their form or win odd and the Texans are 10/13 to win and you can get odds on 11/10 on the Colts if you prefer backing them.

New York Jets vs. Jacksonville Jaguars

Keep in mind that when you do sign up to BetFred they are going to allow you to place multiple bets and accumulator bets on teams you think are going to win their respective NFL matches, so when you do spot a team that could win at very short odds it may pay dividends for you to perm them together with other teams in a single bet.

That is probably something that you will be thinking about doing if you fancy the chances of New York Jets who are on offer at very short odds of 1/4 to win their match against the Jacksonville Jaguars who if you think that team will win are available at huge odds of 3/1!

Other Week 4 NFL Matches worth Betting On!

I have a few additional week 4 NFL matches to enlighten you on and the first of which is the match between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Tennessee Titans the odds on the Eagles are 7/4 but the most likely winner of that match are the Titans who odds are reasonable at BetFred being as they are 10/21.

The Cincinnati Bengals vs. Atlanta Falcons match could also be worth a speculative punt, for I am of the mind that the Bengals should win that match with not too much effort and their money odds of doing so are 2/5 but never underestimate the chances of a team like the Flacons and their money line odds are 2/1

The only other match offering true value is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers match Chicago Bears and the money line odds at BetFred are 8/13 and those attached to the Bears are 27/20!

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