NHL Atlantic Division Winner Betting Odds

You can place three types of outright winner bets on the NHL, you can choose to place a bet the team that you will think will be crowned the best NHL team of the season that being the one that wins the final.

Or you can bet on any teams in either their own respective league or division. One division that may appeal to you due to the simple fact there are only eight teams playing in it is the NHL Atlantic Division.

With just eight teams to pick and choose from there may be a better chance that you do pick out the winning team, and BetHard, one of our approved and top rated betting odds are currently offering their customers some of the very best odds in the business.

As for just which teams most punters are backing currently, well if you are a follower of NHL then you will not need me to tell you at this stage of the season the team most likely to win based on their current form are Tampa Bay Lightning and their 1/4 outright winner odds do give you an idea of their winning chances!

Second Favourites to Win

If the favourite doesn’t win then it will possibly be the second favourite that does so and if you fancy the chance of that second favourite team which for reference are the Toronto Maple Leafs then you should get your sakes on to bag the very best odds.

Those odds on that team are 5/2 over at the BetHard betting site, but just keep in mind that this betting market is live and active and as such the odds are subject to change and fluctuation at any time.

The Rest of the Division

The six other teams to be fair have very little chance of being crowned champions at the end of this season, but there may be a few diehard fans of any of those teams who fancy placing a small bet on any of them.

As such if you think that the Buffalo Sabres are going to up their game massively and be crowned the champions of this division then who am I to stop you taking their current win odds of 28/1!

There are two 33/1 shots right now and those two teams are the Boston Bruins and the Montreal Canadiens, but just keep in mind their odds are so high due to their chances of winning this division being so low.

In fact, the odds on the last three teams that play in this division are gigantic, and therefore you will be taking a huge risk if you chose to back any of them, but their odds are there for the taking over at BetHard and you can get odds of 300/1 on the Florida Panthers.

It is the Detroit Red Wings and the Ottawa Senators that have very little if any chance of winning this division which is indicated by their huge odds of doing so those odds being 400/1!

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