NIFL Premiership Early Winner Betting Odds

It can be way too easy to overlook some of the many football leagues that are going to be in play this coming season, but a savvy punter is always going to be prepared to look at some of the early betting markets on leagues they do not usually bet on at this time of the year.

With that in mind I will be focussing my attention today on the NIFL Premiership, and taking a look at just where many punters have been placing their bets regarding the teams that they think are going to have the very best chance of being crowned champions of that league this upcoming season.

It is always going to be the form that a team managed to achieve last season that will reflect the odds that they are going to be offered on the outright winner league betting markets for the next season, and as such there are two teams that are currently leading the betting.

The first is the favourite that being Linfield and plenty of bookies still have them on offer at odds of 7/4, so if you do rate their chances of winning this coming season bet now, the second favourite will not come as a surprise to many of you out there as that team is the Crusaders at 5/2.

Who Else Could be Worth Backing?

As long as you do not led greed get in the way of betting on any teams playing in the NIFL Premiership this season, then you could back any other team and be able to secure some much bigger odds when you set about doing so.

There are four teams that do not have an amazing, but rather a reasonable chance of winning the title this season, and they include Ballymena at 7/1, Glenavon at 8/1, Cliftonville at 10/1 and Larne at 12/1 but keep your stakes to ones you can afford if you decide to back any of them is my advice.

The Rest of the Teams in the NIFL Premiership

I think you are going to have to be a diehard fan to take your chances backing any other teams that are going to be playing in this league this season.

But having said that the odds are there for the taking and I am sure a few supporters of the following teams are going to want to bag the huge odds attached to each team, and two that are being backed but to small amounts are Coleraine at 20/1 and Glentoran at 25/1.

A for the last four teams that are going to be playing in the NIFL this season, well their respective odds are gigantic, but their winning chances are tiny, and just for reference those teams are Dungannon Swifts at 150/1 followed by Warrenpoint Town at 200/1 and you are going to be able to back Carrick Rangers and Institute all day long as some massive odds and those odds just so you know are 250/1.

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