Not Long Now Until Euro 2020 Kicks Off

Well all you England fans are soon going to discover if the new and youthful team are going to take your mind off Brexit, or will give you something else to worry about! However, looking at the betting on Group A it does appear the bookies do like the chances of the England team for sure.

They are currently being touted at odds of 1/6 to head Group A, and to be fair to them looking at the four other teams in that Group they should head it with no great deal of effort required, but this is football after all and anything could happen moving forward in that tournament.

As those odds are somewhat restrictive you may be better advised to back the individual matches that are going to be played out as part of Group A in Euro 2020, for you are going to find some slightly higher odds depending on just which way you think each match will end.

In fact, those 1/6 odds are not going to see an army of committed England football fans storming their local bookies shops I can guarantee you of that but there are there for the taking if you fancy a very low risk bet on that competition at betting sites such as William Hill!

Additional Group A Winner Betting Opportunities

As for whether there are any other teams in Group A that have the skill required to beat England and make their way to the top of Group A, well it will be the betting markets that you are going to have to turn to, to discover which if any other teams are being backed.

It is the Czech Republic team that if any team could beat England it is they, and the odds on offer on them being the top team in Group A of Euro 2020 are 10/1.

The Outsiders to Top Group A

If the England team turn out to be a major let down, then there is of course always going to be the chance another team could end up heading Group A in the Euro 2020, and as such there is always the chance you may have your eye on another team, and with three of them on offer in addition to the Czech Republic mentioned up about let me now give you an idea of what their chances are of heading Group A.

You have Montenegro at 12/1 and whether any of you will be tempted to back them does remain to be seen but unless they win their first match their odds will certainly increase in value.

Next in the betting you have Bulgaria and as far as their odds at this stage of the betting, well they are chalked up at odds of 16/1 and finally you have Kosovo, and I think it’s fair to say they are deserving of their odds which for reference are high at 20/1, but can you really see them heading Group A?

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