Place a Premier League Acca Bet This Weekend

With there being ten Premier League matches that are going to be in play at some point over the coming weekend, that does of course mean there are plenty of Acca betting options available to you, and quite a lot of bookies sites are offering odds boosters and Acca Insurance on those matches too.

As for which teams you should be including on any Acca bet that you do fancy placing a bet on, well you can of course pick out the teams that appeal to you as the most likely winners of each of those matches, but below I will give you my predictions for the way those matches are likely to end, and the odds that you should also be able to secure on each of those fancied teams too.

Most punters that are going to be placing an Acca bet on this weekend Premier League matches will have Liverpool included on that bet, for they are playing against Norwich City on Friday night and it would be a major upset of Liverpool didn’t go on to win that match, albeit at rather low odds of just 1/8, which most bookies are offering punter by the way.

More Matches to Include in an Acca Bet

It isn’t going to take you too long to work out the most likely winner in the West Ham vs Manchester City for with Manchester City being offered at odds of just 1/5 they should win that match with great ease.

The AFC Bournemouth vs Sheffield United is one that should go the way of the home team and for reference you should be able to secure win odds for Bournemouth of 19/20 and looking forward to the Burnley vs Southampton it is Burnley I am tipping up in that match and they are rock-solid 8/5 bet too by the way.

The Remaining Premier League Matches

Six other Premier League matches will be in play this coming weekend and as such let me now quickly rattle through the odds attached to each team, I fancy winning their respective matches.

In the Crystal Palace vs Everton match make sure you back Everton to win but at odds no lower than 11/8, and back the home team in the Watford vs Brighton & Hove Albion and for reference the odds on a Watford win are generally around the 17/20 mark.

As for the most likely outcome of the Tottenham Hotspur vs Aston Villa match that is in my opinion going to be a win for Tottenham Hotspur whose odds are currently around the 2/7 mark, the Newcastle United vs Arsenal match should be on by Arsenal at win odds of 3/4.

The Leicester City vs Wolverhampton Wanderers match should see Leicester City  securing the three points and their win odds of doing just that are 6/5 right now and in the Manchester United vs Chelsea is should be a win that Manchester United will be celebrating on Sunday night and their outright winner odds in that match are 23/20.

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