Premier League Match Predictions

Today I am going to be looking at just which Premier League teams are expected to win their respective matches this week and also giving you some idea of just what odds are available on each of those matches too.

The first match that I am looking at is the Newcastle United v AFC Bournemouth match, and it is the home team that being Newcastle United who should win that match and their odds are around 8/5, the Southampton v Everton match is one that I expect Southampton to win at some fairly decent odds too, and those odds are 29/20 at most bookies sites.

In the Norwich City v Watford match it is Norwich City that I do feel have a very good chance of winning but at some decent odds, for they are chalked up at odds of around 13/8 at most betting sites.

Two other matches and teams playing in them that I also expect to win include the Burnley v West Ham match and it is Burnley who are around 13/10 to win that match that I expect to do just that.

One other team that would be foolish to overlook are the home team in the Chelsea v Crystal Palace match, even though Chelsea are around 1/3 to win that match they should have no problems winning especially as they are playing at home, and coupled with the fact Crystal Palace really are out of form currently.

Tottenham Hotspur a Solid Bet This Week

One match that is certainly worth including on a Premier league acca bet this week is the Tottenham Hotspur v Sheffield United match, for there is one team that should win that match with great ease and that team is of course Tottenham Hotspur.

Now, you are going to have to hunt around for the best odds possible to help increase your pay-out potential on any acca bet you have them included on, and just so you know the generally available odds on them winning that match are 8/13.

Best Bookie for Premier League Promotions

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