Punters Turn Their Attention to Eurovision 2019

The Eurovision Song Contest will shortly be upon us, and you may have no interest in listening to each of the songs that are belted out as part of that competition, but you may be interested in betting on one of the countries that are favourites to win it.

If that is the case then currently it is the Netherlands that are looking like the country that have by far and away the very best chance of winning this year, for many punters have been backing them off the boards, so much so they have been installed as the 2/1 favourite to win it.

It may surprise you to learn, and it did me, that Russia are the current second favourite to win, and with odds of 9/2 being offered at bookies sites such as BetFred they may be a country to back if you do have a sneaking suspicion that they are going to win this year.

Italy are another country that have been attracting a fair bit of support on the early betting markets, and at 6/1 they are in with a chance of winning if the betting markets are a true indication of their chances, and the same could also be said for Azerbaijan who are currently trading at 8/1.

Could It Be the Turn of Sweden or Switzerland?

You will start to get offered double digit odds if you are of the mind that the winner of the 2019 staging of the Eurovision Song Contest will be either Sweden or Switzerland for both are being offered at odds of 10/1.

Iceland are also being touted at some surprisingly low odds, and whilst you may not think their current 12/1-win odds are low, they certainly are given the context of this betting market.

Other Countries Being Backed

You may be thinking about backing any of the other countries that will be belting out a song in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, and if so let me now enlighten you on just how high the odds are on each of the remaining ones.

Malta are easy to back at odds of 16/1, and the same can also be said for Cyprus at 20/1 and both Greece and Australia who are equally matched on the betting markets at 25/1, then you have the outsiders that include the likes of Norway at 40/1, Spain and France at 50/1 and several teams are trading currently at odds of 66/1 and they are Macedonia, Slovenia and Portugal.

There are loads on countries on offer at odds of 100/1 and they include the likes of Ireland, Georgia, Lithuania, United Kingdom, Estonia and Moldova, Montenegro, Denmark and Czech Republic.

But you are much more likely to find higher odds on any of those outsiders or any of the other countries that are taking part in Eurovision 2019 if you get yourself over to a betting exchange such as Betfair, so make sure that is what you do if you of have your eye on an outsider to win Eurovision this year!

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