Responsible Gambling

When sports betting or for that matter when taking part in any type of gambling online, in a land based venue or even when using a gambling related app are always going to come with risks, and with that in mind I cordially invite you to read through our responsible gambling policy here are the website.

To ensure that you first and foremost always have a fair gambling experience, and can always gamble within your means at any of the gambling sites we have chosen to present to you and showcase upon this website, each of them are fully licensed and regulated, and as such they all comply with the very strictest of gambling regulations, laws and requirements.

Staying in Control

To enable you to gamble within your means, you should always have and set your own personal gambling limits, that is something each of our featured gambling sites will now allow you to do when you log into their respective sites and apps.

What you will be presented with when logging into those sites is a range of gambling limit settings, that will allow you to set a range of different things, not limited to the maximum amount of time you wish that current gambling session to last, the maximum amount you are willing to deposit, and you can also set your own loss limits too at those sites.

You are very strongly advised to make use of those gambling limit session settings, for once you have reached your own pre-set ones you will then not be permitted to continue to deposit or gamble, until the time period you have chosen expires.

Take a Break

Most gambling sites will offer their customers something known as a take a break option, and by making use of that option you can take a break from that betting site or betting app for any number of days or weeks.

When you opt take a break your account will be suspended, until such a time as the time period you have chosen to take a break for expires, and will not be given access to the gambling activities available at that site.

Self Exclusion

There is a way that you can ban yourself forever from any betting or gambling sites, and that is by requesting a self exclusion.

By doing so your account will be closed down and at no time will you be allowed to gamble at a betting site, land based gambling venue or via the mobile apps on offer at the gambling site or venue that you have chosen to self exclude yourself from.

Gambling Problem Help and Advice

If at any time you feel you are gambling way too often, and it is affecting your life work or your finances in a negative way, then please seek the advice and support of one of the many gambling problem charities and organisations.

They include Gamblers Anonymous and GamCare, both of which offer a range of online resources, telephone support and in the case of Gamblers Anonymous they also offer face to face meetings and group sessions that can offer you access to practical advice and support.