Rugby Betting Guide

bet on rugbyTo help you make sense of the seemingly never ending range of different bets and wagers that you can place on any upcoming Rugby match, I have put together the following guide that should give you some ideas of what the benefits are of placing certain bets and wagers on those matches.

What most punters will first do when they initially start betting on Rugby matches is concentrate their efforts of the outright win betting markets, for they are very straight forward to access and make use of and understand, and you have nothing more tricky to do that selecting just which team you think will win a match.

However, regarding outright winner betting markets related to the sport of Rugby, you are always going to find you can place a bet on any team to win any Rugby league, and whenever there are any Rugby tournaments scheduled to take place, you can also bet on which team you think is going to win those tournaments too.

Keep in mind though most betting sites, bookmakers and sportsbooks are going to have their own team of in-house odds compilers, which means the odds available at each betting site, are going to possibly vary in size.

So part and parcel of you becoming a savvy Rugby bettor is knowing that before you do place any type of Rugby bet, you should always compare the odds being made available to you at several betting sites, to guarantee the ones you secure are the highest ones available!

Handicap Betting

If you are convinced that one Rugby team is going to win a match, based for example on their current form, then you will often find that you are not alone in that thought, and will often find the odds available on that team can be quite low, and in some instances can so low that it is hardly worth placing a bet on that team!

To help you get a tad better value and some much bigger odds you will find some betting sites are going to be offering you something known as a handicap betting market on a range of matches on which the favourite teams to win those matches are long odds-on.

By making use of a handicap betting market the team that is least likely to win that match is given a head start for betting purposes, and that will then result in the betting site being able to offer much higher odds on the favourite team to win.

The underdog in those matches that have been given a head start in the number of tries they start the match off with, will of course have lower win odds than they will have on the standard outright betting market, but if you do fancy the other team to win then their odds will be much higher.

But at the end of the day it will be up to you and you alone as to whether this type of betting market will be of interest to you, but there can be some value to be had when you do make use of the enhanced odds available on them!

Double Result

There is also going to be something known as a double result betting market available to you at quite a lot of different sportsbooks, and as such if you do think one team is going to win a match and win it quite decisively, but you want some much bigger odds than on the outright betting market then do read on!

The way in which a double result betting market has been designed is that there are going to be just nine possible outcomes available, and you are tasked with having to predict how the game will end at the end of the first half of the match and also at the end of the match too.

You can back the home team to be leading at half time and also at full time or the away team to be winning at the half time whistle and then to also win the match, or you can bet on the match being a draw at both the half time point and at full time too.

Another set of options on the double result betting market include being able to bet the home team to lead at half time but the away team to win the match or vice versa, or the match will be a draw at half time but then the home or away team will win the match, or the other way around too.

The main attraction of a double result betting market however is that the odds on offer on each of the nine possible outcomes will always be higher than are on offer on the outright winner betting markets!

First Try Scorer

All Rugby fans are going to want to see one of their favourite teams’ players scoring the very first try of any match, and then that and/or other players going on and scoring as many tries as they possibly can to help secure a win for their team.

Therefore you may be interested in another type of unique Rugby related betting opportunity, and that is one on which you simply have to name one of the players playing for either team that you think is going to score the very first try of a match.

What you are bound to find very appealing about the first try scorer betting markets is that the odds associated and on offer to you will be high, dependent on which player you do select to score the very first try in any match based of course on their actual chances of doing so.

It will of courses not always be the most fancied player in any match that will go on to score the very first try in a match, and as such with some luck in betting you could find you do pick the first try scorer and could win some sizeable winning pay-outs when you bet on this type of betting market too!

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