Runscorer Betting in the England vs Afghanistan Match

When you set about placing bets and wagers on any sporting events, you will of course always be eager to track down and secure the very best odds on whatever it is you are betting on, and that will see you having to compare the odds at many different betting sites, sportsbooks and bookies sites too.

However, today is the day when England are set to take on Afghanistan playing cricket, and if you do start hunting around for the best odds on an England win in that match, you are going to be slightly unimpressed with the win odds that will be offered to you at all bookies sites.

The odds on England winning that match do give you an idea of just how confident the team are on winning it, for the best odds I have seen today so far are 1/25 on an England win, and no sane punter is going to want to place a bet with such stingy odds attached to it.

The top Runscorer betting market is where you are going to be able to pick out any player in the hope they are the top Runscorer of the match and the odds are much more appealing, take for example the odds on Jonny Bairstow being the top Runscorer, those odds are around the 5/2 mark.

Is Jimmy Vince worth Backing?

You may be much more of the mindset that James Vince will score the most runs today, and to be fair to him if Bairstow doesn’t end up being the top Runscorer in this match he may just end up being the top Runscorer and there is a bit of value to be had by backing him today as the odds on offer on him are solid at 3/1.

One other player that does know how to score runs and could if everything does fall his way today may just be the one player that does manage to score the most runs, and that is Eoin Morgan who looks a value bet at odds of 6/1.

The Other Players in with a Chance

Some other players that are being offered at lowish odds includes the likes of Joe Root at 5/2, Ben Stokes at 6/1 and Jos Butler 13/2, but I am not truly convinced that any of them are going to end up being the top runscorer today, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be!

You could fancy the chances of players like Moeen Ali at 12/1, however when you do start to look at some of the other player you will notice their odds of being the top runscorer do start getting much higher in value such as Chris Woakes whose odds are 20/1 and Liam Dawson who is on offer at odds of 33/1.

Whether you will fancy the chances of players likes Adil Rashid, Jofra Archer, Tom Curran and Liam Plunkett is up to you suffice to say their odds are all 100/1 and then you have Mark Wood who does look up against it at his current odds of 200/1.

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