Smart Money Football Bets This Weekend

With an array of football matches that are lined up that will be kicking off this weekend, now is an ideal time for you to sit down and make sense of the many different betting markets that are on offer to you at any of our featured betting sites.

However, if you enjoy placing outright winner bets as opposed to trying to predict the correct score for example on a range of different football matches, you will be hard pressed to find a better set of odds on all teams lined up to play this weekend over at Ladbrokes, as you will discover below.

Take for example the Bury v Notts County match, Bury have an outstanding chance of winning that match, and if you get your skates on a bet them to do so at Ladbrokes you will be able to secure win odds of 4/5m the draw and away team odds for reference are 13/5 and 10/3 respectively.

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Cardiff v Fulham

I think that Cardiff have one of the best chances is quite some time to win their match against Fulham this weekend, and if you are thinking along the same lines as me and fancy backing them there is plenty of value in the 13/10 win odds you can secure right now at Ladbrokes.

As for the draw, well the match may just end that way and the odds you an bag on the draw are 11/5, as for whether Fulham will win that match, I do not think that is a likely outcome much more so as their win odds of doing so are quite high currently at 2/1!

Barnsley and Newport Look Booked for a Win

How about chancing your arm so to speak, and placing a win double on two teams that have a good chance of winning their respective matches but are also available at some decent odds of doing so, which could see you getting a fair sized winning pay-out if they do both win their respective matches

Well if that is something that you do fancy doing I think that the Charlton v Barnsley is one you should be including in your win double bet and the team you should be backing is Barnsley, who surely must be booked for a win, and Ladbrokes are offering odds of 6/5 on them winning that match too.

It will be at 15:00 this coming Saturday that the Crawley v Newport match will be kicking off and it is Newport that I do feel you should be backing to win that match and possibly perming them in a win double with Barnsley too!

By doing so you will be rewarded with odds of 6/4 over at Ladbrokes, so if both of those two teams of win you inning pay-out should be a fair sized one, as for the odds on Crawley winning that match, well they are 9/5 and as far as the draw odds go, they are 11/5.

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