Snooker Championship League Matches on New Year’s Day

New Years Day will see a whole slew of Snooker Championship League matches being played off from around 1pm and right through into the evening. If you are planning on betting on and perhaps watching any of those matches then please do read on.

I have been studying the betting markets on each of those matches at various different betting sites, and have found one betting site, that being 10Bet is offering some of the most generous odds on those matches, so it will be their odds I will be quoting below.

One of the very first Snooker Championship League matches that will be in play on January the 1st is the one between Neil Robertson and Jack Lisowski, and as for which of those two snooker players is likely to win that match well with Neil Robertson at odds of 5/7 and Jack Lisowski on offer at odds 21/20 it will be a rather close match looking at those odds.

Another match that may just be worth having a financial interest in is the one between Jimmy Robertson and Robert Milkins that will be starting at 13:00. The odds however on both players winning hat match at 10Bet are the same, and those odds are 20/23, so either player could come out on top and win it.

Anthony Hamilton vs. Neil Robertson

There will probably be a lot of interest in the match between Anthony Hamilton and Neil Robertson on New Year’s Day, and looking at the better it is a match that does look somewhat one-sided.

Anthony Hamilton has something of an uphill task in that match and his win odds of 41/20 do accurately reflect his chances of winning it, but it is Neil Robertson that the smart money is going on and he has been backed down to 5/14 to win that match.

Other New Years Day Snooker Matches

There are quite a number of other snooker matches that will be in play throughout New Years Day 2019. However, there are a handful of them that I do feel are certainly worth betting on, and plenty of players that you may be interested in perming together in an accumulator type of bet too.

The Mark King vs. Ricky Walden match will starts at 2pm that day and I would think that based on his current form it will be Mark King that wins that match and his odds of doing so are 21/20, but any fans of Ricky Walden will be eager to take the 20/27 being offered on him Winning that match by 10Bet.

At 4pm there is a match between Jack Lisowski and Jimmy Robertson and with the win odds on Jack Lisowski being 10/19 he does look the likely winner of that match but there is of course the chance that Jimmy Robertson could surprise everybody and win, and his odds for reference are 29/20.

As far as the Robert Milkins vs. Mark King match goes both players are level pegging so to speak on the betting market at 10Bet as both their win odds are the same at 20/23.

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