Team Mercedes Set to Shine in the Monaco Grand Prix

It is hard to make a case for any other team winning the Monaco Grand Prix this year than Mercedes, for try as you may, you are not going to find very large odds on either of the drivers for that team winning that race this year.

I did however check out just what odds are being offered this morning on Mercedes winning the Monaco Grand Prix and so far the best odds I have come across are 3/10, and it is over at the BetFred betting site that those odds are currently on offer, but for just how long they will be is anyone’s guess.

When you do look at the drivers for each team, you may fancy backing the drivers as opposed to the team, but low risk punters are always going to want to increase their chances of winning when betting on that race by betting on the team betting markets.

The next team chalked up at odds of 9/4 at BetFred are Red Bull, and it isn’t beyond the realms of possibilities that they could win this year but do try and get your bets placed early for the race is of course going to be run this coming weekend.

What Odds the Ferrari Team?

Value hunters will have already placed their bets on this race and may just have secured some much higher valued odds than are currently being touted at all betting sites.

But there is still time to take odds of around the 7/1 if you are much more of the mindset that it will be team Ferrari that are going to win this year, but try and shop around as you may find one or two bookies offering slightly higher odds than 7/1 on team Ferrari winning.

Could Another Team Win This Year?

If for any reason you are convinced that it is going to be any other team that is going to have success in the Monaco Grand Prix this year, then I would urge you to look at a betting change, for the odds on offer on sites such as Betfair on any of the other teams are going to be much higher than any odds as sportsbook, bookmaker or betting site will be offering you.

Therefore, if you want to back the likes of either the Renault or Haas team then do not settle for odds lower than at the very least 400/1. If, however, you feel this year is going to be the one that will see one of the drivers for either the McLaren or Toro Rosso teams winning do not settle for odds any lower than 500/1!

I doubt there are going to be huge numbers of punters backing the drivers for either the Alfa Romeo or Racing Point teams to win this event this year, but if you think that they will look for odds higher than 750/1 as you should be able to get odds higher than 750/1.

You are going to have to be a very loyal support of the Williams team if you are going to place your hard earned cash on a driver from that team winning, but with odds of at least 1000/1 on offer on the Williams team winning the Monaco Grand Prix on offer right now you will certainly be in the money if you do back them and they go on to win.

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