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tennis betting sitesWhen you think of major tennis tournaments, it is often Wimbledon that springs to mind, however not a week goes by without there being several major tennis matches and tournaments being played somewhere in the world, and as a sports bettor you do therefore have plenty of available betting opportunities on that sport!

It is worth me pointing out that if you ever do fancy betting on the outcome of any tennis match, or wish to bet on any tennis players to win any upcoming tournament, then the very best betting sites that you can bet at are those showcased and review throughout this websites.

As part of our selection criteria for picking out betting sites to showcase to you we look at things such as the number of betting opportunities they offer, the types and value of bonuses offers and special betting deals, and each betting site you see listed upon this site will always pay you out quickly when you win too.

This guide to tennis betting is however going to be taking a look at the almost never ending number of individual bets and wagers that are always going to be on offer to you as a customer of any of our featured betting sites.

Therefore if you do have an interest in betting on tennis matches and tennis tournaments but may not have done so before, you are cordially invited to read through the following guide, for you will soon discover the range and variety of betting opportunities that will be on offer to you when you do so.

Match Betting and Outright Tournament Winner Betting

There are two different types of bets that do attract the bigger volumes of wagers from punters on tennis matches, and they are the outright tournament winner bets and the individual tennis match winner bets.

What you do need to be aware of though when you want to bet on just one player to win any upcoming tennis tournament, is that the odds on that player will always be at their highest before a tournament begins, if that players do go on to win match after match.

Therefore to ensure you are securing the very highest possible odds on any player make sure you make use of the ante post or early betting markets as they are known. Failing to do so will see the odds on the players that remain in the tournament through each stage dropping as the tournament progresses!

Betting on an individual tennis match is also very quick and easy, for you simply have to look up the match you do wish to place a bet on, and by doing so you will see the odds available alongside each player.

If however you would prefer to back a player to lose, you should utilize a betting exchange such as the one on offer from Betfair, for you can offer you own set of odds on any player, ain the hope that other users of that betting exchange place their bets with you at the odds you offered them!

First Set Correct Score Betting

One betting market that is going to appeal to punters who are looking for some much higher winning pay-outs is the first set correct score betting market.

Now, what you are going to be faced with having to do if you may use of that type of Tennis betting market is choosing which player you think is going to win and the correct score they will win by.

Obviously as there are plenty of different scores that could be achieved in any one single Tennis match at the end of the very first set, that means that the more unlikely to score you choose the much bigger the odds associated with that bet will be!

In fact, when betting on this betting market I am aware that many punters will not simply pick out one score, but a couple of them at least, as that way they will have a couple of possible ways to win, and as the odds will be much greater than on the outright betting markets there is the chance of winning big even when betting for relatively small amounts.

What I would advise you to do however, if this is the type of betting market that you fancy placing bets and wagers on, is to shop around and compare the odds offer to you by several different betting sites, as most often than not there will be differences regarding the odds different betting sites will be offering you.

Handicap Tennis Betting Markets

There is only going to be one player that is the favourite to win every single tennis match, however as is always the case the underdog in any match could come out on top and win, and that is all part and parcel of the fun and entertainment value of any tennis match, as any played could win and could also do well in any tennis tournament too, even if they were not fancied initially to do so.

However, when the odds associated with the favourite are so low in value that betting on the favourite does not make sound financial sense, then there is a betting market that you should be considering using, and those are the Handicap Betting Markets.

What you will find the odds compilers at each betting site will do on their Handicap betting markets is to give the underdog in that match a head start, and by doing so the odds on offer on the favourite will get much more appealing and higher in value, whilst the odds on the outsider given the head start will be lower than are on the standard outright win betting market.

Do always consider making use of those betting markets if you are 100% convinced that a player is going to win, for if he or she does and does so quite decisively then you will be rewarded with much bigger odds that you would betting on that player to win outright on the standard outright winner betting markets!

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