The Pick of the Weeks Basketball Matches

Wednesday is the day of the week when there is plenty of basketball matches scheduled to be played and over at the Coral betting site they are offering an array of betting markets on each of those matches.

With that in mind if you do fancy placing any number of bets on those matches below you will find the current set of odds on each outcome and also I will be giving you an insight into the way I feel the matches will end too.

Let me start off with the CLE Cavaliers v WAS Wizards match, with odds of 27/10 on the home team and with Coral going 5/17 on the Wizards I am of the mind that I agree with their odds compilers and as such it is the Wizards I predict to win that match.

Another rather easy match to predict the outcome of is the DET Pistons v MIL Bucks match, for you have to like the way the Buicks have been playing recently and there is nothing about that match that I feel will cause them any problems and they should win it easily as their 1/3 odds do suggest.

ORL Magic Should Win Tomorrow

It will always be worth your time and effort shopping around to ensure that you are always getting the very highest possible odds on any basketball teams you do fancy betting on and another match I feel is a rather easy one to predict the winner of is the ORL Magic v OKC Thunder

The odds on the former team are 8/5 and on the latter named team their win odds over at the Coral betting site are 5/9, and as for the way in which I feel that match will end, well I am putting my money on OKC Thunder as I feel they will come out on top.

Other Basketball Matches on the 30th of January

There are a few other matches that I do feel plenty of you out there will fancy backing tomorrow and the first match that does look appealing from a betting point of view is the BRO Nets v CHI Bulls match and all thing consider that match should go the way of the Nets and their current odds of winning that match are 5/14.

As for the way in which I think that the HOU Rockets v N O Pelicans match will end, well it should be a foregone conclusion that the Rockets are going to win that match for their win odds are tiny and sadly unappealing being as they are 1/8.

One final match that is going to go the way of the favourite for sure is the SA Spurs v PHX Suns match, and the favourite team is of course the Spurs and the bookies are taking no chances with their odds as they have them chalked up at odds of 1/12, so even though they will win not many punters will be backing them at those short odds

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