This Weekend’s Premier League Matches

As long as the betting sites at which you choose to place your Premier League football bets at is offering you the best odds, and also offer rapid winning payout to all customers, you will not go far wrong, and as such today I will be giving you my tips of this weekend’s Premier League football matches.

Be aware though that the rather generous odds I will be giving you an insight into below are currently on offer and readily available over at the MintBet betting site, and make sure that you sign up to that betting site using our website links if you haven’t yet done do, as that bonus is a good one and one worth claiming by the way!

It is up to you whether you back teams to win a match outright or perm several teams together in an Acca type of bet this weekend, but one team that should win is Everton win odds of 4/9, for I doubt their opponents this weekend that being Cardiff who are 7/1 to win that match are going to trouble them at any point in that match and the draw at 10/3 is an unlikely outcome too!

Watford v Liverpool

I would spend a little bit of time trying to work out just which types of bets to place this coming weekend for you could simply back on team in a single, perm two or three together in a double or treble or list several teams all of which you think will win their respective matches n an Acca type of bet.

The Watford v Liverpool match though is one that is easy to work out just which year the match is likely to go and end, and that is a win for Liverpool who odds of winning that match over at the MintBet betting site are worth taking at 8/15!

Premier League Teams Expect to Win This Weekend

Let me now enlighten you on the teams that are expected to win their respective Premier League match this coming weekend, and the first team that should win is Fulham in their match against Southampton and their odds to do just that over at the MintBet betting site are 8/5.

Man Utd do have an easy ride booked this weekend for they should in easily at home in their match against Crystal Palace and their win odds to do just that are appealing given their outstanding chance of a home win, and those odds are for reference 4/11.

In the Brighton v Leicester match Leicester at win odds of 6/4 are the favourites to win that match, and in the West Ham v Man City it should be City that win, but their odds of doing so are not that appealing to be honest seeing as they are the 1/4 favourite to win that match, and in the Bournemouth v Arsenal match it is Arsenal that are the even money favourites to win that match!

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