This Weeks FA Cup Ties

This Saturday you are faced with plenty of FA Cup ties, and as you would expect there should be plenty of unusual and unexpected results in some of those matches, and if you can pick them out then there is of course money to be made.

Much more so if you can pick out the betting sites that are offering much higher odds on the teams that are not expected to win or are giving punters better draw odds on matches that are not expected to end in a draw.

The odds compilers over at MansionBet are offering some very decent odds it does have to be said on plenty of those matches, and the first one that may appeal to you if you fancy placing a bet this weekend is the Sheffield Wed vs. Luton Town

The odds on Sheffield Wed to win that match are 5/4, however value seekers are probably going to be much more interested in backing the draw as the outcome of that match and the odds available right now are 47/20, it is Luton Town that could pull a surprise in that match and their odds are 21/10.

Can Wigan Win Away at West Brom?

At 12:30 this coming Saturday the FA Cup tie between West Brom and Wigan will be kicking off and even though West Brom are the favourites to win that match at odds of 20/31, many punters will be backing one of the other two outcomes in that match.

The first of which is of course the draw and if that is the result you think that will occur the draw odds are 57/20, however it is Wigan that many punters think have a chance of winning that match even though their win odds of doing so are high at 4/1!

Could Wigan Pull a Massive Surprise?

One match in which the home team are more than expected to win is in the Man Utd vs. Reading match, and if they lose that match then there is something wrong, however lose it they may just does and there is value to be had by backing one of the other outcomes.

However, the odds on Man Utd winning are so restrictive at 1/10 it may be worth having something of a small speculative punt on either the draw at odds of 8/1 or possible cross your fingers and hope that Reading pull of a major surprise and their odds of winning that match are massive at 19/1, but anything is possible of course.

One additional match that could be worth betting on is the FA Cup tie between Burnley and Barnsley, for reference it is Burnley that are the odds on favourite to win that match at 4/5, the draw odds are 13/5 and it remains to be seen if Barnsley can pull of a shock result and their odds of doing so and winning that match are 7/2 so they too could be worth backing if you fancy their chance so winning that match.

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