This Weeks Rugby World Cup Matches

There are seven Rugby World Cup matches planned for the rest of this week, and many of you out there will of course be planning a few related bets and wagers, and if that is something you are thinking about doing then please do read on.

Below, I am going to be looking at each of those seven Rugby World Cup matches, and will be pointing you in the right direction as to the teams that I think are going to win each match and the current best odds that you can secure one each of those teams too.

One match that you are probably not going to want to bet on is the Australia v Georgia match, unless you fancy backing the draw of Georgia to win that match, for the odds on Australia winning are very low at just 1/80, but the draw odds are 66/1 and the odds on a  Georgia win are much better at 18/1.

There are even lower odds attached to New Zealand in their match against Italy this week for that team are being offered at odds of just 1/500 to win that match which has resulted in the draw odds being 100/1 and the odds on Italy winning that match being huge too at 66/1.

England v France

Some betting value is to be had in the England v France match and it would appear that most people are prepared to back England to win that match and they are able to secure odds of 1/6 on them doing so at most bookies site too, as for the draw odds they are 40/1 and the odds on a France win are 4/1.

Moving onto another matches that is likely to go the way of the home team at a very early stage of the game that is of course the Ireland v Samoa match, in fact so fancied are Ireland their win odds for that match are just 1/250, with the draw being 80/1 and Samoa being a 22/1 shot.

Other Rugby World Cup Matches This Week

Another match that could be worth betting on is the Namibia v Canada match and the odds that are on Namibia who I do feel are going to win that match are even money, the draw odds are 28/1 and you can back Canada at odds of 3/4/

The USA v Tonga match is going to be a very close match looking at the odds on offer but I think it will be the latte named team that will win, the odds however are 8/5 on the USASA winning that match, 33/1 odds are yup for grabs on the draw and you can back my tip, that being Tonga at odds of around the 4/9 mark.

The final Rugby World Cup match of this week is the Japan v Scotland and Japan are 5/4 to win that match the draw odds are high as you would expect at 28/1, but I feel it will be Scotland who are a 4/6 chance to win that match that will indeed go on to win it.

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