This Years White Christmas Betting Odds

Now is a good time for you to consider placing a bet on whether it will snow anywhere in the UK on Christmas Day, for there is of course always the very real chance that snow flurries will fall somewhere in Great Britain later this month.

Whilst most UK based betting sites are sportsbooks are going to be offering you odds on it snowing on Christmas Day this year, one bookie that has some appealing odds available right now is Coral and with that in mind it will be their odds I will showcase to you below on today’s betting news story.

Scotland is of course a cold place each winter, and therefore you may think it will snow on Christmas Day there and you can place a bet on it doing so at odds of 4/1 in either the Gogarbank area of Edinburgh  or in the Bishopton part of Glasgow as well.

What do you think of playing bet that it will snow over in Mountbatten in Plymouth? Well. If that is a bet that do you want to place, by doing so right now you will get offered some very high odds of 10/1 from Coral so make sure you place that bet with them is my advice.

Odds Available on a White Christmas in Ireland

There are lots of different towns and cities that our top-rated Coral betting site are going to allow you to place a bet on that it will snow on Christmas Day.

Over in Ireland for example they have two separate betting opportunities, the first so on it snowing at Aldergrove in Belfast and on that bet, they will be offering you odds of 6/1 and for it to snow at Dublin Airport on Christmas Day those odds are 8/1.

Other Cities of the UK

The odds on it snowing on Christmas Day in Crosby in Liverpool or over in Watnall, which if you are blissfully unaware is over in Nottingham are the same, and those odds are 6/1.

As for just what odds you will get betting on it snowing in places such as Coleshill in Birmingham, well right now you should easily be able to secure odds as high as 7/1 and odds of 8/1 are up for grabs on to snowing on Christmas Day on Filton which is in Bristol.

If you want to bet on it snowing in the St Athan area of Cardiff or at Heathrow in London, then you should be placing such bets at Coral for they have both of those two parts of the UK chalked up at odds of 10/1 currently.

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