Tips for This Weekend’s Premier League Matches

The Premier League season has now begun, and that does of course mean that every single betting site you will come across will be very eager for you to not only sign up to those sites, but also to religiously place all of your football bets with them throughout the 2018/19 season.

Due to the number of betting sites however, you are going to find some excellent value to be had if you are prepared to shop around, and compare the odds available to you at various different betting sites. But one thing you will discover is that at the betting exchange at Betfair you are often going to get the best odds in the industry.

As such what I am going to be doing today is to let you know what the best odds are currently available are at various different betting sites on this weekend’s Premier League matches, so you will then be able to spot the value if you do make the smart decision of betting with Betfair via their betting exchange!

Let’s start off with the Cardiff v Newcastle, as the best odds on that match are currently 21/10 on the home team winning, 21/10 on the draw and 6/4 on Newcastle winning make sure you try and secure betting odds that those to lock in the best betting value.

Secure Higher Odds than 21/20 on Leicester to Win

There is no doubt in my mind that if you do decide to make use of the betting exchange over at the Betfair betting site you are going to find much better odds on the Leicester v Wolves in regards to the draw odds of 12/5 and the away team odds of 13/5 on Wolves winning that match.

However, as most bookies are going only 21/20 on the favourite to win that match that team of course being Leicester so ensure you ask for much better odds than those when placing your bet, as there are bound to be plenty of punters who will offer you bigger odds than those!

West Ham v Bournemouth

The over-round on the West Ham v Bournemouth match is quite high at most bookmakers sites, and as such they are certainly determined to make as much money out of that match as they possibly can do, and the odds on the three possible outcomes being offered by most bookies in that match are 23/20 on a home win, 5/2 on the draw and just 23/10 on Bournemouth winning that match.

Keep in mind that when betting with Betfair you do have the option of not only asking for your own pay-out odds on ant team or outcome you fancy but you can also offer your own set of odds if you want to lay some bets, so make sure you offer better odds than those on that match to tempt other users of that betting exchange to bet with you!

Spurs v Fulham

The only way you are going to get any type of value betting on the Spurs v Fulham match is by asking for bigger odds than the 2/7 odds bookies are offering on Spurs to win, and let’s face it, it does look like they should win that match with great ease. The draw odds are 9/2 and the odds on Fulham winning at most betting sites are around the 10/1 mark for reference.

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