Today’s Featured English Open Snooker Matches

The English Open Snooker Tournament is now in full play, and as you would expect today you are going to be able to not only watch a plethora of matches, but can also bet on any of them that catch your eye too.

Yesterday there were a number of surprise results, and today will probably be the same too, and with that in mind if you do fancy betting on any of today’s upcoming matches in that snooker tournament, below I will be presenting you with an overview of several of them.

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The first snooker match in the English Open that will be in play today is the match between that will be starting at 10:00 and is the one in which Soheil Vahedi is currently on offer at odds of 11/5, but the player expected to win that match is Thepchaiya Un-Nooh whose odds are 4/11.

Luke Simmonds v Zhang Jiankang

One match that you are going to find is perfectly balanced from a betting point of view and looking at the two players involved in it from a form point of view too is the match which is also starting at 10:00 today.

That will see Luke Simmonds and Zhang Jiankang up against each other and as far as their win odds go they are level pegging at 10/11, so pick out the player you think will win and possibly include them in some doubles or trebles is my advice!

Afternoon Matches worth Checking Out

Let me now give you some ideas at to just where the smart money is going this afternoon on some of the additional matches that are being played as part of the English Open snooker tournament.

One match that is starting at 14:00 that may be worth a much closer inspection is the Kyren Wilson v Akani Songsermsawad match, is it Wilson that should win that match and win it I feel with relative ease, but Betfred are not taking any chances on him doing so as his win odds are 2/7 and the odds of his opponent are 11/4.

Another match that will also be starting at 14:00 in which one of the players is the red-hot favourite to win is in the Alexander Ursenbacher v Kishan Hirani match and it is the former named player that is currently attracting the most supper and his odds are now just 1/4 to win that match and the odds you can secure on Hirani are currently on offer at 3/1!

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