Today’s Featured Volleyball Matches

The thing you have to keep in mind about some Volleyball games is that one team is usually such a red hot favourite to win a match, there is practically no value to be had when betting on those favourites!

That is actually going to be the case with some of today’s Volleyball matches, however having said that, there are some matches that you will find appealing from a betting point of view, and with that in mind I will now give you an insight  into where the value lays.

One match that is interesting for punters is the China v Netherlands match, and over at Ladbrokes they are offering reasonable odds on China of 6/5, bit I feel the value lays in a Netherlands win for they are a team that can lay and play well and their odds are 8/13 which do look overpriced.

The Argentina v Dominican Republic match is one of those one sided affairs, and as such it does look like Argentina cannot possibly lost that match as their 1/100 win odds do indicate, and their opponents the Dominican Republic may have huge odds of 20/1 but they are unlikely to win that match.

Japan v Slovenia

It is of course always going to be your decision as to just which volleyball teams are worth backing or not, as the case may be, but I do feel one team available at some much better odds than those of the favourites mentioned above and that team is Slovenia.

They are playing Japan today and you can back Japan at odds of 5/2 but the true and very real value in that match is on a Slovenia win bet as Ladbrokes are offering what do seem to be overly generous odds on them winning of 2/7!

France v Egypt

With some unappealing odds attached to France to win their match against Egypt today, the only punters who are going to be interested in betting on that match as those who are of the mind that Egypt can win.

The reason for me saying that is that France the win odds on France are 1/100 which means the size of the best you are going to have to place on them winning are going to have to be massive, but Egypt fans will of course be very tempted by their huge win odds in that match being offered by Ladbrokes and those odds are 20/1!

A much better bet will be to back Australia to win their match today as they are playing Cameroon whose team are not famed for their winning prowess.

As for just what odds you are going to be rewarded with if you do fancy pinning your hoped in Australia winning that match, which they surely have a great chance of doing by the way, are 1/6 but if you think it will be Cameroon that are going to win that match then Ladbrokes is certainly the betting site to place such a bet at for they are offering 4/1 on Cameroon winning today!

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