Today’s International Championship Snooker Qualifier Matches

There are quite a number of snooker players that are expected to win their respective International Championship qualifier matches today, and with that in mind I would urge you to consider placing an Acca bet on the ones that you do fancy to win today.

With so many snooker matches scheduled to run throughout the day, I would also advise you to get your bets placed early, as some of them are being played quite early this morning!

Take for example the 09:30 Anthony McGill v Xu Is match, now if you are a fan of snooker then you will probably be of the mind that Anthony McGill will win that match fairly easily, and if so the best odds I have found on him doing so are at the Ladbrokes betting site who are going 1/4 on him winning, however is opponent Xu Is can also be backed at odds of 3/1

Another match that will be starting at 09:30 is the Ken Doherty v Chris Totten match, and looking at the form of both of those players it is looking likely to Ken Doherty whose odds are solid at 2/7 should win, but for fans of Chris Totten you can back him art some very reasonable odds right now of 13/5.

Mark Davis v Elliot Slessor

One match that is sure to feature in many punters multiple bets today is the Mark Davis v Elliot Slessor match, for that does also look a slightly one-sided affair.

It is Mark Davis that does look like he will have the upper hand in that match, but his win odds are still quite reasonable over at Ladbrokes for they are going 4/9 on him winning which in turn means the win odd attached and associated to Elliot Slessor are 7/4.

Some Other Early Morning International Championship Matches

If you do fancy betting early and also watching several early morning snooker matches today and also fancy placing a few bets on those matches then consider betting on the Stuart Carrington v Hammad Miah match which starts at the same time as the two matches up above.

It is of course the highly talented Stuart Carrington who will take all the beating in that match which is reflected in his win odds of 2/7, but for those of you who think that Hammad Miah could come out on top his win odds are 13/5.

Sadly one match that is not going to be worth betting on, unless you do fancy the chances of the underdog this morning is the Xiao Guodong v Lukas Kleckers match, for it is  a very one sided match for sure.

I say that with a great deal of confidence for it is hard to see any other result of that match other than Xiao Guodong winning it with great ease, so much so his win odds are unbackable currently due to them being 1/10, But if you do think Lukas Kleckers can somehow win that match then the 6/1 odds currently being offered by the Ladbrokes betting site are certainly worth securing!

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