Top Tips for Today’s GAA Football Matches

What I would urge you to do if you are interested in placing a bet and backing any of today’s GAA football matches that are scheduled to kickoff a little bit later in the afternoon is to ensure you stick to placing your bets at sites that hail from Ireland.

The reason I say that is that betting sites such as Paddy Power for example have vast experience at chalking up the odds on such matches and they tend to be slightly more generous when it comes to the odds they will be offering you on such matches too, as you are about to find out below!

Looking over the betting markets on the first match that will be starting today, that is the Lissycasey v St Breckans match, and from a betting point of view it should be the home team that win that match as Lissycasey are on offer at odds of 4/9 to do so.

However, there is a case to be made for St Breckans at 21/10 but I doubt the match is going to go the way of a draw which can be backed at odds of odds 7/1.

You will have your work cut out trying to predict the outcome of the Gowna v Crosserlough match, but I do feel the home advantage will play into the hands of Gowna at even money, and even though Crosserlough are on offer at odds of 11/10. I don’t think they will win that match and it is unlikely to end in a draw either with the draw odds being 13/2.

Horeswood v St Marys Rosslare

The Horeswood v St Marys Rosslare  is possibly a match that you should be including in any doubles or trebles that you are placing today on GAA football matches and the team that does stand out in that match are Horeswood who are 3/10 to win it.

You will be taking one risk too many if you chose to back St Marys Rosslare at 11/4 or even the draw at odds of 10/1, so stick to backing that favourite to win as they are expected to do so with relative ease!

Other GAA Football Matches to Bet On

It is your decision to make as to which if any GAA football teams to back this afternoon but as for the Naomh Barrog vs Naomh Fionnbarra match you could toss a coin to pick the winner of that match as both teams are available at odds of even money to win, with the draw being offered at odds of 13/2.

One other match that I think is going to end up going the way of the home team is the HWH Bunclody v Crossabeg-Ballymurn match, you will not be offered massive odds of course on HWH Bunclody to win but their 4/7 odds are a fair bet, as for the chances of Crossabeg-Ballymurn well they are available at odds of 13/8 and the draw odds are 8/1.

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