Tricast Betting Explained

It can often be the case that some of the more unique and exotic bets are the ones that give you the chance of winning big, and today I want to look at just how you place a Tricast bet, as they are popular bets with punters who enjoy betting on both greyhound and horse races.

What you are going to be tasked with doing when placing such a bet is trying to predict the first, second and third placed finishers in any horse or greyhound race, and when doing so you have to name the horses or greyhounds on your betting slip in the correct order they do finish such a race

Obviously, the more runners that are in any such races the harder it will become to correctly predict the first, second and third place finisher in any races, but by doing so you could win big, especially if the ones you pick have high odds associated with them.

At the end of a horses or greyhound race a dividend to a £1 stake will be declared as the Tricast dividend and if you do correctly name the horses or greyhounds that come in the top three positions in the correct order you will win that dividend, or a percentage of it if your bet was lower than £1. Such as 50% of the dividend if you bet was 50p or a quarter of that dividend if you bet 25p and so on.

You can of course place more than £1 on any Tricast bet and the dividend you will be paid out will be a multiple of that dividend for each £1 wagered. So, a £10 winning Tricast will see you winning 10 times the declared Tricast dividend.

BetFred Pays a 10% Bonus on Winning Tricasts

When placing any type of bet, the onus is on you to ensure you are betting at a betting site that will not only give you the best odds on whatever it is you are betting on, but also to hunt around for those betting sites offering any additional bonus pay-outs too.

With that in mind if you do fancy placing a Tricast bet you will be best advised to head on over to BetFred, as by doing so if you do correctly place a winning Tricast bet they will give you a 10% bonus on your winning pay-out.

Keep in mind that when placing such a bet you can also place full cover Tricast bets consisting of any number of runners in a race, and as such it doesn’t matter in which order your horses or greyhounds finish in first, second or third place, as long as the horses or greyhounds you have selected do fill the first three top spots in a race you will have placed a winning bet.

But each permutation must be covered by a stake, so when picking out three horses in a full cover Tricast or a reverse Tricast as bet as they are also known you will be required to place six stakes to cover you three selections in every possible permutation of finishing in first, second and third place!

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