Two Joints Favourites to Win this Year’s Speedway Grand Prix

When it comes to betting on any upcoming speedway events, such as the Grand Prix, punters re always going to get a very good idea as to just which riders are expected to do well in that event, by checking out the futures betting markets ion it.

However, it is worth me pointing out that not all sportsbooks, bookies and betting sites and apps are going to be offering you odds on the 2019 Speedway Grand Prix, and some of them that do are not currently being overly generous with their odds.

But you will always find some of the best odds in the industry when you make a conscious decision to sign up to and bet with betting sites such as BetHard, and today I will be revealing to you just what odds they are offering on all riders taking part in that event

Currently there has been a fair amount of support for two riders, in fact so much money has come in for them on the futures betting markets for this speedway event that they are currently available at odds of 9/4 and those two riders are of course Tai Woffinden and the equally as talents Bartosz Zmarzlik9/4.

Other Fancies Riders

I am of the mind that it could be either of the two current joint favourites that will go on to win the Grand Prix later this year but it is of course up to you whether you fancy backing them or not, as there is some much better value to be had by picking out one of the other riders to win

Take for example the likes of Jason Doylem if he does get a good clear run there is no reason as to why he couldn’t go on to win this event, and his current odds to do so are high at 8/1, and you could not easily dismiss the likes of Fredrik Lindgren, Artem Laguta, Maciej Janowski and Leon Madsen who are all 10/1.

The Outsiders to Win

You may find one or two bookies that will allow you to back any rider each-way and if you do then make sure the one you bet at is offering you the most places that they will pay out to and also the highest percentage of the win odds on the placed part of such a bet too.

By choosing to back a rider each-way as opposed to being the outright winner there are plenty of other riders you may fancy placing such a bet on, such as either of the two 18/1 shots those being both Patryk Dude and Martin Vaculik18/1

You are also going to find on offer at high odds of 20/1 the likes of Emil Sajfutdinov, Greg a and Hancock and Niels K. Iversen  as to whether any of them are going to win or get placed, that remains to be seen.

The other riders are Matej Zagar, Janusz Kolodziej and Antonio Lindback as for their respective win odds well you can get 40/1 on each of them over at the BetHard online or mobile betting sites.

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