UEFA Nations League BTTS Betting

A BTTS football betting coupon is a bet on which you are faced with any number of upcoming football matches, and are tasked with trying to work out whether both teams in any of those matches will score one goal each at least or whether that will not be the case.

Therefore on each match you decide to include on your football coupon, you have a 50-50 chance of predicting the correct outcome, regarding whether one goal at the very least will be scored by both teams or not.

If you do fancy getting involved in a Both Teams to Score Coupon bet today, then I can recommend BetSid, for currently they have all of the UEFA Nations League matches chalked up at some impressive odds!

Take for example the Kazakhstan v Latvia match the odds on both teams to score or not are 5/4 and 4/7 respectively, and in the Andorra v Georgia match kicking off tonight you can get 9/4 on both teams scoring at least one goal each or you can opt to take the 3/10 that both teams will not score a goal.

Austria v Bosnia and Herzegovina

You can also choose the Austria v Bosnia and Herzegovina as one to have included on your BTTS football coupon today, and as far as just how high the odds are on both outcomes, they are 10/11 on both teams scoring and 4/5 that they will not.

Another match that could be worth including on such a betting coupon is the Belgium v Iceland match, you can get 11/8 right now at BetSid that both teams will score or 8/15 if you think that isn’t going to be the case!

Some Other UEFA Nations League Matches

It is up to you and you alone as to just how many matches you can have listed and bet on when you place a BTTS football coupon bet, but the more teams you do include on such a bet the bigger your winnings could turn out to be.

In the Croatia v Spain the odds available on both teams scoring in hat match are 17/20, so that is certainly something the bookies think will happen, but if you are of the mindset that one goal from each team will not be scored then take advantage of the 5/6 on that betting opportunity instead.

The Greece v Finland is a match that the odds compilers at BetSid do think is going to be a match that both teams wills core at the very least one single goal each as the odds they are offering on hat outcome are 6/5 which are much lower than the odds of 6/10 on offer for both teams not to score one goal each at least!

One final match worth including in such a bet is the Hungary v Estonia match and you can get 6/4 on both teams scoring but if you prefer you can get 1/2 instead that both teams will not score at least one goal each!

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