Updated NFL National Football Conference Odds

One of the most volatile betting markets associated with the NFL right now is the outright NFC winner betting market, however having said that there are stills some decent odds being offered on many of the teams in the NFC if you are prepared to shop around and find the very best odds being offered on the team that you think are going to win the NFC title this season.

One betting site that is going to be offering you plenty of unique NFL betting markets is Betfred and below are their currently available odds on each of the teams playing in the NFC and the odds on those teams being the champion team too.

It should prove to be too difficult to find  bookie that is offering odds on all teams that are playing in the NFC to win the title this season, however one team that is popular with most punters currently and have been attracting the most support are the New Orleans Saints who are 9/4 to win the title.

If you do not rate that teams chance and would much prefer taking your chances on any of the other teams then below are the odds that Betfred are currently offering punters but do keep in mind that the following odds are going to be subject to change at any time.

Who Else are Being Backed?

There are just two other teams that I would say are being backed currently and the first of those two teams are the San Francisco 49ers whose odds are around the 7/2 mark.

Slightly bigger odds are being offered on the third favourite, and for reference that team are the Green Bay Packers and as for the odds being touted for them, well you shouldn’t find it too difficult to get odds of 9/2.

Teams That Are Friendless in the Betting

The teams that are not being back right now in any great numbers include the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys at 9/1 along with the Los Angeles Rams at 10/1.

However, there are several other teams that are going to have to pull off something of a miracle if they are to win the NFC title race this season, and those team include both the Philadelphia Eagles and Seattle Seahawks at 14/1.

It will only be the most hardened of fans of the best of the teams playing int the NFC that are going to be placing a bet on them to win the NFC this season, due to the fact their chances are tiny but their odds will team very loyal supporters of those teams to back them.

Those teams are the Carolina Panthers at 40/1 followed by the likes of the Chicago Bears and Detroit Lions and as for just how high their odds are, well they can be backed at around the 66/1 mark, and then you have the rank outsiders and they are the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, New York Giants and Arizona Cardinals at 250/1.

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