Value Bets on Dancing On Ice 2019

When it comes to punters betting on TV reality shows such as Dancing on Ice, it is the betting markets that open up in the early stages of the skating competition on which punters do tend to get the best odds on each of the competitors taking part in it.

If you are of the mind that you feel there can only bet on winner of that contest this year then please do read on for below I will be giving you an insight into just what odds you are going to be able to avail yourself on, on each of the novice skaters taking part in it.

There is one contestant that is would appear all betting sites are wary of, and that is James Jordan for he has been attracting a fair bit of support from punters and viewers of that TV reality show, so much so his odds of winning are just 6/4.

Favourites have been known to win Dancing on Ice, but there is always the very real chance it could be the second favourite that will win this year’s running of the show, and if you think it will be you need to know who the second favourite and second most fancied skater is, and for reference that is Wes Nelson at 5/2!

The Choice of Celebrity is Yours

If you do not believe that either the first or second favourite listed up above is going to win, then there is plenty of value to be had by your backing one of the other skaters that is available at some much better odds.

There are of course risks attached to each of them however just keep in mind that you can back the likes of Melody Thornton at 13/2, Saara Aalto at 8/1, Richard Blackwood and Bryan McFadden at 10/1 so it could pay dividends to back one of them.

Could Gemma Collins Defy Her Odds and Win?

You may be a very avid fan of Dancing on Ice, and if so then you will be more than aware there are five other celebrities taking part in the 2019 running of this show, and one that could be worth a bet is Jane Danson at 12/1, as she may just surprise everybody and win.

However, probably the one most controversial characters is Gemma Collins, how does seem to make a mountain out of a mole hill with her antic and some would say tantrums, and if you think the public and  going to be behind her and she will win then you should be securing her odds of 25/1 on doing so.

Saira Khan at 50/1 look a very risky bet for it doesn’t look like she has a hope of winning this year or being in the show for very long, and that is also something else that you could say about Ryan Sidebottom at 66/1 and the complete and total outsider to win that being Didi Conn at 80/1!

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