Value Bets on the Monaco Grand Prix

I did take a look over the team betting markets on this year’s Monaco Grand Prix the other day, however today I want to present to you the current state of the drivers betting markets, for I am confident that there will be plenty of you out there that will be planning on having a bet on that race this coming weekend.

All of our featured betting sites are of course going to be offering you access to their Monaco Grand Prix drivers betting markets, and they are actually all currently live right now, so to try and bag some value when betting on that race you should be placing your bets today, as the odds on offer on some drivers could drop in the coming days.

The highest volumes of cash that have already been coming in for the Monaco Grand Prix have of course be pouring in on Hamilton to win, and as such he is now firmly installed as the 11/10 favourite to win that race and win it plenty of punters are confident that he will do too.

That isn’t of course to say that the next could of drivers in the betting are not without their respective chances of winning, and its fair and true to say that there is still some value waiting to be mopped up if you fancy the chances of Bottas who can be backed at odds of 9/4 or you rate the chances of Verstappen  who is a 10/3 shot to win this race this year.

Next Few Drivers in the Betting

By looking further down the betting markets on offer on the drivers to win the Monaco Grand Prix this year, you are going to find some much better odds on each of the other drivers that will be taking their chances in that race.

However, just keep in mind that the higher the odds that you will be offered the lower the chance of each of the drivers with higher odds attached to them have of winning his race. Gasly is the next drive in the betting and his win odds are 12/1 right now, and then you have Leclerc and Vettel who are both on offer at odds of 14/1 to win.

Hard to See Any Other Driver Winning

You will probably be wasting your money if you back any of the other drivers to win this year’s Monaco Grand Prix, in fact you will discover that fact for yourself when you see just how high each other drivers’ odds are.

Take for example Hulkenberg, Grosjean, Magnussen and Ricciardo the odds attached to each of those drivers are at least 500/1, and that gives you an instant overview of their respective chance of winning.

As for the chances of either Albon, Kvyat and Sainz well they are on offer at even bigger odds those being odds of 750/1, so you can dismiss those drivers too, moving onto the rank outsiders to win this race, well those drivers are all up for grabs at massive odds of 1000/1 and are Russell, Perez, Stroll, Norris, Kubica, Giovinazzi and Raikkonen!

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