Wednesdays Real Madrid vs Arsenal Match

I’m sure that plenty of you will be currently sat there eyeing up the current betting opportunities on tomorrows match between Real Madrid and Arsenal, and you will probably have an idea of just what aspect of that match you fancy placing a bet on too.

If so, then read on to find out just what are the highest possible odds available if you do some hunting around at several different betting sites on some of the most obvious of betting markets and betting opportunities that are available on that match, in which the Arsenal team is going to be made up of some of the younger players in the team.

If you are interested in placing a bet on this match but want to follow the smart money, then it should be Real Madrid that you are betting on to win this match, for there is still some value to be had backing that favourite team to win as many bookies are offering odds of even money on them winning.

That isn’t to say that the match could not end in a  draw for example, and if you think it will you should have no difficulties being able to secure odds on the draw of 11/4, and for those of you diehard  Arsenal fans you can of course opt to back them and by doing so you will be offered odds of around a rather generous 11/5 mark.

Both Teams to Score Betting Markets

There is always the both teams to score betting markets to turn to if you want to have a very low level of risk in paly when betting on this match, for you simply have to decide whether both teams will score or not in this match.

However, there does seem to be a very obvious bet to place on that particular betting market and it isn’t on the No bet option which for reference is being offered at odds of 7/4, the best bet is on the Yes betting option which is on offer at sadly rather low odds of just 2/5.

Other Bets Worth Placing

Some bookies are going to be offering you a Highest Scoring Half betting market and as the name of that betting market does suggest you are tasked with having to work out, which if either half is going to be the one in which the most goals are scored.

You will also be offered a Draw bet on that betting market and the odds on that are 11/4, however, if you think that it will be the First Half in which the most goals get scored you can get odds of 21/10 on that betting opportunity, and the Second Half odds may be more appealing to you as they are 10/11.

One other betting market will allow you to place a bet on either team scoring a goal in both halves of the match, and the odds available on Real Madrid doing just that are 7/5 and for Arsenal to do so you can bag odds right now of 9/4.

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