What is a Lucky 15 Bet?

You will find plenty of weird and wonder bet types available to you no matter at which betting site you choose to make use of, and half of the battle of being a successful punter is knowing which bets to place and at just the right time too.

There are a range of different bets you can place at various betting sites that are known as full cover multiple bets, and when placing such a bet you will be able to select a number of different sporting events to bet on and have them permed together in every possible type of bet but in one single bet.

One of the most popular full cover bets is a Lucky 15 bet and it is going to allow you to pick out for example four different horses and have them covered in a  total of 15 individual bets.

Those bets are four single bets, six doubles, four trebles and a four-fold accumulator bet, and as such you will need to get a least one of your horses chosen winning their respective race to guarantee a winning payout.

Keep in mind though that you are not only restricted to placing a Lucky 15 bet on horse races, for most betting sites are going to allow you to place any type of sporting event and outcome on such a  bet, and the more winners you pick or winning outcomes you predict the bigger your winning pay-out will become.

Where to Place a Lucky 15 Bet

If you are interested and thinking about placing a Lucky 15 bet online or on your mobile phone then one betting site I can wholeheartedly recommend is the Ladbrokes betting site, for they offer a range of bonus pay-outs to their customers placing such a bet.

If you do choose to place a Lucky 15 bet at Ladbrokes then if you pick out just one winner from your four selections they are going to double the pay-out odds of that one single winner, however if you are ever lucky enough to get all four of your selections winning then you will receive a 10% bonus on your winning pay-out.

As one of our top rated and fully approved betting sites you are also going to qualify for a welcome bonus when you sign up to the Ladbrokes betting site, however to ensure that you qualify for that bonus you much click through to their site by using our website links, and then sign up and the details of their welcome offer will be displayed on their website.

They also allow customers to place small or high stake amounts on each of their Lucky 15 bets, and as such they are a betting that that can and does cater for all level of punter, and you will find tens of thousands of different betting opportunities available day and night on both their online betting platform and their mobile betting app too!

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