Which Team Will Win the Copa America in 2019?

There have been what appears to be a never ending flood of money pouring in and being bet on Brazil to be crowned the champions this year in the Copa America competition, and as such the best odds you are going to find on offer on them currently are 11/10, but several betting site have them listed as other odds-on favourite too.

So, my advice is to hunt around for a sportsbook or bookie offering odds that are not yet odds-on if you want to get any value by backing Brail to win. The other team that has been attracting a fair bit of support recently is Argentina who has to be a rock solid and stand out bet at their odds of 7/2

Best Value Betting Each-Way

Two teams do of course need to get through to the final game of the Copa America each year, and that does of course mean that due to the very short odds that are available on the favourite, you may fancy the chances of any other team.

If you do so then remember that each of our top rated and features sportsbooks will be offering you the option of backing any team each-way, and by doing so you will be paid out a percentage of the win odds if the team you chose to back gets to the final game, and will also be paid out on the win part of such a bet the full odds you took when placing your bet.

Just make sure though that the bookies you choose to beet at is offering decent each-way betting terms, to ensure you get a decent sized pay-out on the place part of such a bet if your team does make it through to the final and doesn’t go on to win it.

The Rest of the Team in the Copa America

The other teams are going to be hoping of success in this year’s Copa America, but their respective chances of winning are nowhere as near as high as both Brazil and Argentina, but you can of course back any of their other teams to win or back them each-way if you so desire.

The odds available on them do vary obviously and the next team in the betting, that being the current third favourite is Uruguay, and plenty of punters out there will be backing them each-way seeing as the odds that are generally on offer on Uruguay are 13/2.

The odds on Colombia winning at this early stage of the betting are 8/1, and then you have Chile at 12/1, Peru at 20/1 and if you feel that Venezuela could come out on top and win the Copa America in 2019 then you will surely be tempted to take the current 28/1 odds on them doing just that.

Paraguay are looking like underdogs at odds of 33/1, and the same can of course be said for Japan and Ecuador who are both trading at odds of 40/1, but is will be something of a miracle if either Bolivia at 66/1 or Qatar at 100/1 win the Copa America of for that matter get through to the final game too.

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