Which Teams Will Win Each NFL Division in 2019?

It won’t be long before the NFL regular season is upon us, and plenty of bookies are offering lot of unique betting opportunities to their customers, including you being able to bet on any team to win their respective Division.

If that is the type of bet you are interested in placing, and plenty of people have already been placing such a bet, below I will be taking a look at which teams are leading each of those betting markets for each of the NFL Divisions.

Let me kick off by looking at the AFC East Division, that is in fact one that does have what you could call a red-hot favourite to win, that being the New England Patriots, and whilst you will not get rich backing them to win, their outright win odds of just 2/9 do show their chances of winning are very high.

It is the Cleveland Browns that are the early favourites to win the AFC North Divisions, and their odds of doing so are much better and higher in value than the team above as those odds are currently around 11/8.

Kansas City Chiefs

Do also keep in mind that many betting sites are going to let you place doubles trebles and even Accumulator or Parlay bets on any number of teams to win their respective Division this season, and by placing such a bet with a single stake you could end up winning big.

That is however going to be dependent on each team you select winning, and the Kansas City Chiefs are leading the betting currently at odds of 8/13 to win the AFC West Division.

Some Other Teams Worth Backing

Over in the NFC East Division there has been some support on the futures betting market for the Philadelphia Eagles and if you do rate their chances, and I am confident plenty of you out their will do you can take odds on them winning that Division of 10/11.

In the NFC North Divisions there are two teams that are flip-flopping favourites currently to win, the first favourite as of this minuet are the Chicago Bears at 7/4 and they are followed int the betting very closely by the Green Bay Packers who are 15/8. The favourites to win the NFC West Division are the Los Angeles Rams at 4/7.

Finally you have the chance of backing any team in the NFC South Division to be the champion team of that Division and the smart money is going on the New Orleans Saints to do just that and their win odds right now will give you a very clear indication of their chances of success this season, for those odds are low at just 8/13.

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