Will Michael Van Gerwen Win the World Grand Prix of Darts?

If you enjoy watching Darts matches, then you will not need me to tell you the one player that is currently at the very top of his game, and one that all other players never enjoy playing against is of course Michael Van Gerwen.

He has been winning tournament after tournament this year, and as such as the upcoming World Grand Prix tournament is shortly about to start, you are probably thinking about placing a bet on him winning that one too!

If that is the case then I think you should get yourself over to the BetFred betting site, for they currently have him on offer to win that tournament outright, and have boosted the odds on him doing so and as such they are offering some decent odds of even money on him being crowned the winner of that tournament.

As for which other darts players have any possible chance of beating him, well I will leave the decision as to whether to back any other player up to you, but I will point out that Gary Anderson is the second favourite at win at odds of 6/1, so he could be a player worth backing if you think Van Gerwen isn’t going to win!

Peter Wright Possibly Worth Backing

Let’s not forget that even though the largest volumes of cash is going on Michael Van Gerwen to win the World Grand Prix darts tournament this year, there are plenty of other top rated darts players also taking their chances in this tournament too.

If there is a value bet to be placed right now on that tournament I think it is Peter Wright, for his win odds on the balance of form do look tremendous value right now and for reference those odds at BetFred are currently 7/1!

BetFred Paying One Third the Odds Each-Way

The savviest of punter is of course going to be looking at placing an each-way bet on the player they think is going to either beat Van Gerwen or is going to come second in this tournament, for BetFred are offering one third the win odds to two places on their each-way betting market.

That therefore does mean there is some excellent value to be had if you do fancy the chances of Rob Cross this year, and his current win odds are 8/1.

As for the complete outsiders that may just be worth backing each-way the one that I do think has any possible yet tiny chance of getting placed is Michael Smith who is currently 25/1! As for the player that BetFred have currently pencilled up as the complete rank outsider, well that is Lennon, Steve and if you do think he is going to win you can bag huge odds of 300/1 on him doing so!

Keep in mind that as the first matches in the tournament get played off the outright betting market is going to go in-play and as such the odds are going to start to change as players get knocked out of the tournament!

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