William Hill’s 2 Clear Betting Promotion Explained

You may have seen the William Hill 2 Clear betting promotion advertised on TV, much more so if you have been watching racing on ITV.

It is a rather unique betting promotion on which you are going to have the ability of earning a special bonus on races shown on ITV and some other selected turf races too, if any horses you back at the William Hill betting site go on to win their respective races by two lengths or more.

If that is a promotional offer that you are interested in taking part in then please do read on, for below I am going to be giving you an insight into how it works and operates, and how you are going to be able to boost the value of your winning pay-outs when you are lucky enough to pick out a horse that does bolt home and wins by at least two or more lengths!

Take Part in the William Hill 2 Clear Promotion

What I would suggest you do if you do fancy trying to earn yourself a bonus pay-out on certain horse races is to take a look over the William Hill betting site, for by doing so you are going to find listed each of the horse races that they are currently offering their Two Clear promotion on.

By the way, if you haven’t yet signed up to William Hill as one of their online sport betting customers then do make sure you click on our links, as by doing so when you then arrive and land on their website you will instantly qualify for their additional new customers sign up welcome bonus, of which the t’s and c’s can be found on their website.

How the William Hill 2 Clear Offer Works

As soon as you do fancy placing a bet on any of the horse races that William Hill have listed on their 2 Clear betting markets, then simply place you bet in the standard way, you will find the current live odds associated with each runner in each of their 2 Clear selected races listed alongside each horse on their betting markets.

Once your bet has been placed on your selected horse then it will instantly qualify for their 2 Clear promotion, so there is no need or requirement for you to have to opt into that promotion.

Next sit back and watch the race and if you chosen horse then does go on to win its race, and finishes with a declared winning distance of two or more lengths then William Hill will credit you with a 15% free bet bonus.

That bonus is capped at a maximum of £100, and for reference this offer is not only available on their online betting platform but you can also make use of it on their mobile betting app too.

William Hill have kept the terms and conditions of their 2 Clear offer as straight forward and as easy to understand as is possible, so please do head on over to their betting site, for you never know, by doing so and backing a horse you fancy you could get that additional 15% free bet bonus, if your horse does bolt home by at least two lengths!

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