World Matchplay 2019 Early Betting

The next major darts tournament scheduled to start in just a few days is of course the World Matchplay Tournament, and there is already a lot of activity on the early betting markets from punters all over the world, all of whom are eager to bag some generous early odds of course.

However, if you are an avid fan of the sport of Darts then you will be more than aware there is one player that seems to be unbeatable these days and that is Michael Van Gerwen, and he is being backed by many a punter which has resulted in his outright winner odds being lowered to just 13/8 currently.

It’s true to say that some darts fans really would like to see some other player other than Michael Van Gerwen win this year’s World Matchplay tournament, and one that quite a number of punters are going to be pinning their hopes on will be Rob Cross at 7/1

Another players that could, with some luck in playing pull this tournament out of the bag is Gary Anderson at 10/1, but he will need to perform something of a miracle to beat Gerwen that’s for sure, but it is something he must be capable of doing one day.

Who Will Come Second?

If you cannot look any further than a sure-fire win in this tournament for Van Gerwen, but want to back another player then there is always the individual match betting markets you can place a bet on and there are going to be plenty of matches in this tournament of course.

However, you are also going to be able to back any player each-way too, and by doing so you will get at most betting sites one half of the win odds if your chosen players comes second, and the full odds and one half of the win odds if he goes on to win too on both parts of an each-way bet.

Players Some Punters Do Want to Win

Darts fans do tend to be a very loyal bunch and will always be cheering on their favourite players and will also be prepared to back them in any upcoming darts tournament no matter how high their odds happen to be.

Some players therefore that you may be a fan of and may be willing to back include the likes of Peter Wright at 12/1 or Gerwyn Price at 14/1, and you will certainly be in the money if either of them do go on to win the World Matchplay Tournament in 2019 if you manged to secure those high odds.

There are plenty of other entrants in this ever popular major darts tournament and a few others that may be worth backing, but probably each-way include James Wade at 22/1 and three other players that could be worth a small speculative each-way bet on include Nathan Aspinall, Daryl Gurney and Michael Smith all of whom are very easy to back on the early betting markets at odds of around the  25/1 mark.

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